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Genre: Realistic Fiction

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Genre: Realistic Fiction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lesson 11 Day 2. Genre: Realistic Fiction. Author: Patricia C. McKissack. If you were going to put on a show or play, what would it be about?. Question of the Day. If I were going to put on a _________. It would be about___________. T38 Oral Language.

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Lesson 11 Day 2

Genre: Realistic Fiction


Patricia C. McKissack

question of the day

If you were going to put on a show or play, what would it be about?

Question of the Day

If I were going to put on a _________.

It would be about___________.


Oral Language

today you are going to listen to the poem a good play by robert louis stevenson

Today you are going to listen to the poem “A Good Play,” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

What do you think the purpose might be for reading a poem about children playing?

The purpose for reading a poem about children playing would be for enjoyment.

T39 Read Aloud


A Good PlayWe built a ship upon the stairsAll made of the back-bedroom chairs.And filled it full of soft pillowsTo go a-sailing on the billows.We took a saw and several nails,And water in the nursery pails;And Tom said, ”Let us also takeAn apple and a slice of cake,”---Which was enough for Tom and meTo go a-sailing on, till tea.We sailed along for days and days,And had the very best of plays;But Tom fell out and hurt his knee,So there was no one left but me.

T39 Transparency R71

how did the children build their ship
How did the children build their ship?

The children built their ship on the stairs and they used pillows and chairs.

Which words in the poem rhyme?

The words in the poem that rhyme are stairs/chairs, pillows/billows, nails/pails, take/cake …

T39 Discuss the poem.

c le syllable

Part A

  • ripple 4. idle
  • bundle 5. cable
  • kettle 6. staple

C-le Syllable

Who can tell me what is similar about these words?

They all end with –le, and they all have one or two consonants before the –le.

T40 Transparency R72 Short Vowels + Final -el

remember the le ad the consonant that comes before it form a syllable

Part A

  • ripple 4. idle
  • bundle 5. cable
  • kettle 6. staple




Remember the –le ad the consonant that comes before it form a syllable.

  • Look at words 1-3 and tell me where each word is divided.
  • They are divided between the consonants.

T40 Transparency R72 Short Vowels + Final -el

when a word has two consonants before the le the vowel sound in the first syllable is short

Part A

  • ripple 4. idle
  • bundle 5. cable
  • kettle 6. staple

When a word has two consonants before the –le, the vowel sound in the first syllable is short.




Now look at words 4-6 and tell me where these words are divided into syllables.

They are divided after the first vowel. When a word has one consonant before –le, the vowel sound in the first syllable is long.

T40 Transparency R72

can someone read these sentences for me

Can someone read these sentences for me?

Dan’s uncle sat at the table. He cut the apple down the middle with no trouble.

T40 Transparency R72


Part BWhich spelling is right?1. Another word for small is ________. little litle2. The name of the book is its _____. tile title3. A ______ is a baby’s toy. rattle ratle4. A light rain is a ______. drizle drizzle5. _____ syrup is made from treesap. Maple Male6. A small bite is a ______. nible nibble

Remember that a consonant and –le form the final syllable, and the presence of two consonants before –le usually means the vowel sound in the first syllable is short.

T41 Transparency R72 Use the Generalization


1. How do you think the writer felt when his brother was encouraging him? Explain.

2. Why was the writer’s success at free shots so brief?

3. How did Vince’s chuckling make the writer feel?

4. Why did the writer say that Gary’s voice was soothing?

T 42 Develop Deeper Meaning


5. How did Gary keep the writer from sobbing?

6. What did Gary say to praise the writer?

T 42 Develop Deeper Meaning

robust vocabulary
Robust Vocabulary
  • Encouraging- Something that is encouraging gives someone hope or confidence.
  • What’s the word?
  • encouraging
  • Would you want to hear encouraging words? Explain.
robust vocabulary1
Robust Vocabulary
  • brief- If something is brief, it does not take much time.
  • What is the word?
  • brief
  • If you ran for a brief time, would you be tired?
robust vocabulary2
Robust Vocabulary
  • chuckling– If you are chuckling, you are laughing quietly to yourself.
  • What is the word?
  • chuckling
  • Would you hear chuckling at a funny movie or a sad movie?
robust vocabulary3
Robust Vocabulary
  • soothing- Something that is soothing makes you feel calm
  • What is the word?
  • soothing
  • Would the sound of a loud motor or the sound of a fountain be soothing?
robust vocabulary4
Robust Vocabulary
  • sobbed- Someone who sobbedcried very hard.
  • What is the word?
  • sobbed
  • Why might someone have sobbed at the end of a day? Explain.
robust vocabulary5
Robust Vocabulary
  • praised- If you have praised someone, you have told that person that he or she did something well.
  • What is the word?
  • praised
  • When have you been praised?
comprehension strategy

Use Story Structure to help you understand the problem, and the solution of the problem.

Comprehension Strategy

Good readers pay attention at the beginning of a story to find out about the characters, the setting, and the problem faced by the characters. In the middle of the story, good readers look for important events that lead to the problem being solved at the end.

T44 Comprehension Strategy

Student Book page 306


Pages 305-308


Dana, Mrs .Lasiter, Carolyn, Mama, daddy, Granddaddy, Josh Greg, Steward, Debra Miller, Grandmama

Community center

Page 312

Problem or Plot

Carolyn worries that her parents love her siblings more.

Pages 302-319

Important Events


Dana and Josh perform successfully. Carolyn is too nervous to perform. Carolyn runs from the stage. Carolyn talks to her mother in the parking lot.

Pages 319


Carolyn’s mother convinces her that she is loved as much as her brothers and sisters.

T 44 Practice Book page 93



RETELL Remember that the plot is made up of the event, or things that happen, in a story. Keeping track of what is happening and when it happens can help a reader understand the story better. The plot includes the main character’s problem and the solution. Can someone tell me Carolyn’s main problem?

Carolyn’s main problem is that she believes her parents love her siblings more than her.

Now look at the graphic organizer you have been completing and use it to write a short summary of the story, including all the important events.

T 54

focus skill plot story elements
Focus Skill: Plot /Story Elements
  • Story Elements : Promethean Planet
fluency expression

Reading With Expression Good readers show feeling and mood, or expression, as they read, matching what the writer has the characters say or think. For example, when a character is scared, a good reader will make his or her voice go higher. Readers can make their voices fierce for anger or squeaky and fast to show excitement.


Now listen and follow along as I read page 311 .

Reading with expression makes the story more interesting.

Now we are going to get with our reading partners and practice reading with expression page 311. One will read one paragraph and then the other will read the next paragraph and so on till you finish that page. If you finish before I call time then read it again but this time you read your partners paragraph and let them read the paragraphs you just read.


build robust vocabulary

swooned    You might do this if you have a terrible shock or surprise that makes you faint or fall

astonished    To be amazed and surprised by something.

envious   When you want something that someone else has


rivalry   When two people compete against each other for something

1. Carolyn felt envious of the way her parents treated her brother and sister.

4.Would you be envious of a friend’s toy that you also had or a toy that you didn’t have?

1. Carolyn feels a rivalry with her brother and sister because she thinks she is competing against them for her parents’ love.

4. Would there be a rivalry between players on the same team or on two different teams?

T55 Transparency R70


Now list things that might make you envious of someone else and tell how the things on the list are alike and how are they different?

Work with a partner to think of examples of rivalry. Then brainstorm words, such as competitive, to describe a rivalry.

T 55 Practice / Apply


4. The dogs leashes is lost.

5. my friends comforted me





grammar plural possessive nouns

TEACH/MODEL Remember that plural means “more than one” and that a plural noun names more than one person, place, or thing. Most plural nouns end in s. If I want to show that one of these plural nouns owns or has something, I just add an apostrophe (‘) after the final s.


The students desks are in a row.

The word students is a plural noun and the students have the desks. We add an apostrophe to show that the desk belong to the students.

T 56


Guided Practice

The boys poems were good ones.

The girls performances were wonderful.

As I read the first sentence I see that the word boys should be made possessive because the poems belong to the boys. Can someone tell me where the apostrophe should be.

Now look at this sentence and see if you can tell me what word should have an apostrophe and where it should go.

T56 Guided Practice







On a separate sheet of paper, write each word and then make it possessive.

Now write a sentence using each word. Then share your sentence with your neighbor and check to make sure their plural possessive forms are correct.

T56 Practice/Apply




  • Paragraph That Compares
  • Has a topic sentence that tells what is being compared.
  • Tells how two or more things are alike.
  • Uses signal words such as both, alike, and same.

T57 Prewrite Transparency LA22


Model Prewriting

Now we are going to compare Fruits and Vegetables.

Is this trait also true of vegetables?



good to eat

good to eat

grow on trees and plants

grow on plants

good for you

good for you



T404 Practice/Apply



Now you are going to write the names of two items you would like to compare as column headings like I did Fruit and Vegetables.

Now you will write the traits or qualities of each. You will need to keep this list for and an activity we are going to do on Wednesday.