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BY: JT Morgan Genre: Realistic Fiction PowerPoint Presentation
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BY: JT Morgan Genre: Realistic Fiction

BY: JT Morgan Genre: Realistic Fiction

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BY: JT Morgan Genre: Realistic Fiction

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  1. BY: JT Morgan Genre: Realistic Fiction

  2. Louis Sachar Louis Sacher is a very good author who has written many famous books. One of his most famous is Holes. He has written twenty-one children's books and has won awards with many of them. Holes won the “Prestigious National Book Award”, and the “Newberry Medal”.

  3. Camp Green Lake(The Setting) Camp Green Lake was the setting of this story. It’s hot, dry, and miserable. Everyday the boys had to dig a hole five feet wide and five feet deep. Camp Green Lake was full of deadly yellow spotted lizards. They could kill you almost instantly. Camp Green Lake was once a very large, shady, cool lake, but a serious drought has dried it up and caused it to become a desert.

  4. Characters

  5. Stanley Yelnats IV is a poor overweight teenager. He was never very confident at school, because he never had a reason to be. He was once insulted by a mean teacher for not knowing a problem. He is always picked because of his weight. He always stands his ground and doesn’t fight back. He didn’t actually steal the shoes, but he had to go to camp anyway. He was named caveman when he got to camp. He hates digging holes but he is always hopeful something good will happen.

  6. Mr. Sir was the guard at Camp Green Lake. Other than the Warden, he was the boss. He always had a cowboy hat and sunglasses with him. He was always eating sunflower seeds to replace smoking. Mr. Sir is really mean and nobody wanted to mess with him.

  7. Hector Zeroni “Zero”, has been homeless most of his life. His mom lost him when he was very young. Everybody calls him Zero because he never talks or does much. Zero is the fastest digger at the camp. he tells people he likes to dig holes, but he actually hates it. He never got a good education so Stanley is teaching him to read and write. Zero is really nice, kind, honest, and has the potential to be really smart. He was actually the one who stole the shoes that landed on Stanley.

  8. Mr. Pendanski is the Leader of tent D. All of the boys call him Mom because he kind of plays the mom roll of the group. He seems nicer than the rest of the councilors, but he is really just as mean. He always taunts Zero and has no concern for the kids.

  9. Squid is also a camper at camp Green lake. He is bigger and just as tough as X-Ray, but often follows his orders. Squid always make fun of Stanley for writing and receiving letters from his mom, but he misses his mom too. When Stanley leaves squid asks him to call his mom and tell him he’s sorry.

  10. Magnet is another boy at camp. He is really good at stealing things and that’s why he is called magnet. In one part of the book he steals Mr. Sir’s sunflower seeds.

  11. Armpit is another camper at Camp Green Lake. He is one of X-Rays closest companions. He gets really mad when people don’t call him his nickname. He pushed Stanley down once when he forgot. The warden once got mad at him when they weren’t digging up what she wanted.

  12. Zig Zag is one of the weirdest boys at the camp. He has crazy hair and always acts weird. Zig Zag is really mean and violent. He once hit Stanley on the head with his shovel by accident and didn’t even say sorry.