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Ardent Adventure Trust DofE Group PowerPoint Presentation
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Ardent Adventure Trust DofE Group

Ardent Adventure Trust DofE Group

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Ardent Adventure Trust DofE Group

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  1. Ardent Adventure TrustDofE Group

  2. Introduction Independent not for profit community trust Staffed entirely by volunteers Affiliated to WAYC Solihull MBC licensed Bronze, silver and gold award groups £1Om Public Liability Insurance Licence to operate from Arden Academy Open to all qualifying participants
  3. Team Team DBS/ child safeguarding/ DofE trained Leaders all hold BEL expedition leadership qualification Some leaders Mountain Leader trained First aid qualified and competent Incredibly experienced team
  4. Meet the team Paul Spencer – Coordinator, silver and gold lead BEL, REC first aid, DofE assessor, ML trained, BCU Coach Martin Fortune – Bronze lead BEL, first aid, DofE assessor, ML trained Doug Finlay – Bronze lead BEL, first aid, DofE assessor Richard Leach – Silver lead BEL, first aid Diana Dawson – Silver lead, first aid Richard Tubey – Volunteer, first aid Joanne Bottrell – Volunteer, first aid Mark Routledge – Volunteer, first aid Jason Bolton – Volunteer, first aid Colin Winstone - Governance
  5. DofE... It’s up to you...
  6. Bronze Age 14 for Bronze (some flex) You have to complete the following sections: Skill Physical Volunteering Expedition
  7. Bronze Skill section Physical section Volunteering section Two for 3 months One for 6 months
  8. Bronze Expedition Plan and complete 2 day, 1 night venture, including 6 hours of planned activity each day. Practice Assessed Practice – 31 May to 1 June 2014 Assessed – 5 to 6 July 2014
  9. Silver Age 15 for Silver (some flex if already have Bronze) You have to complete the following sections: Skill Physical Volunteering Expedition
  10. Silver 6 months Volunteering 6 months for either Skill or Physical 3 months for the Skill or Physical not done for 6 months If you are a direct entrant (not previously completed Bronze), you must do an extra 6 months in either of the sections you do for 6 months (i.e. one section will take 12 months).
  11. Silver Expedition Plan and complete 3 day, 2 night venture, including 7 hours of planned activity each day. Practice Assessed Practice – 3 to 5 May 2014 Assessed – 19 to 21 July 2014
  12. First Aid Before doing practice expedition: Must complete first aid and other training at Monday evening sessions Before doing assessed expedition: Satisfactory practice expedition Must complete at least two of the other sections and be well on the way to completing the third
  13. Places AAT will take a maximum of 36 participants for Bronze and 30 participants for Silver.
  14. Cost - Bronze The cost of doing the Bronze Award with AAT £150 which includes:- AAT costs – insurance, licences, compulsory volunteer training and registrations, room hire Tracking equipment Solihull MBC and DofE fees Consumables 2 x 2 day expeditions Purchasing and maintenance of loan equipment for expeditions Loan equipment includes tents, cooking equipment, roll mats, group shelters, rucksacks, maps, compass, whistles, dry bags, first aid kits
  15. Cost - Silver The cost of doing the Silver Award at AAT £175 which includes:- Same as Bronze Plus extra day on each expedition Expedition costs are non refundable – a place is a cost NOTE: Expedition costs exclude transport to and from expedition areas at all award levels. You will need a sleeping bag, boots, suitable outdoor clothes and adequate waterproofs at all levels.
  16. What we require from you Commitment & enthusiasm Attend every term time Monday evening Lots to learn – first aid, map & compass, camp craft Skill, physical activity and volunteering NoNoNo mobile phones
  17. What next? Take the application pack Refer to DofE website and research YOUR DofE statement. This is critical if we are over subscribed. Return completed forms by post to arrive by 6pm on Tuesday 12 November (i.e. 5 days) Together with a cheque for the full fee (£150 or £175) which will be returned if you are unsuccessful (i.e. we will not cash the cheques)
  18. What happens then? Bronze & Silver No meeting next week (11 November) You will be notified in any event by email and if we are unable to offer you a place (any cheques will be returned) First session 7pm Monday 18 November at Arden Academy Library
  19. Gold – Our latest achievement Age 16 12 months volunteering Physical and skills 12 months on one, 6 months on other 3 day practice water based expedition 4 day water based expedition in wild country 5 day residential No direct entrants at AAT Cost is £525 to include all water based training, 8 session programme and 2 expeditions. To include canoes and all water based equipment, paddles, bouyancy aides, dry bags, safety lines, helmets. Separate informal meeting after this session.
  20. Website For further information on doing your DofE
  21. And finally…