One night in the hospital, a baby girl was born and her name was Jessica.
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One night in the hospital, a baby girl was born and her name was Jessica. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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One night in the hospital, a baby girl was born and her name was Jessica. “Ms. Marrero, You gave birth to a healthy girl.” said Dr. Max. “Thank you, Thank you so much for delivering my baby.”.

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One night in the hospital, a baby girl was born and her name was Jessica.

“Ms. Marrero, You gave birth to a healthy girl.” said Dr. Max.

“Thank you, Thank you so much for delivering my baby.”

A few months later when Jessica was about 4 years old, Dr. Max called and said “ Ms. Marrero, remember today is Jessica’s first blood test to keep her secured.” “Alright Dr. Max, I’ll be there.” said Ms. Marrero. So very quickly, they both got dressed and arrived on time.

When Dr. Max finished with his other patient, the first human that caught his eye was Jessica’s beauty face. Jessica and her mother walked to Dr. Max and when he finished his daydreaming with Jessica, he got it over with. He was very lost when they arrived!

“ Jessica mommy wants you to be safe and sound I am going to give you a shot. Okay?” said her mother. So, Jessica got ready and thought of bravery. Dr. Max got his materials that were a syringe, a rubber band, and a bandage. Ms. Marrero picked her up and sat her on her laps.

First , Dr. Max put the rubber band around Jessica’s arm and flicked the syringe a few times. Then the syringe had a point on it and he stuck it through Jessica’s arm. Jessica was trying to stay quite but it hurt so much.

As soon as the blood test was done Jessica was happy! But, the next morning when Dr. Max tested her blood he called as quick as possible. “RINNNNNGGG!!” went the phone. “Hello?” said Jessica. “Uh, Jessica this is Dr. Max, um Jessica tell your mom you are really sick and that you have some kind of bacteria, this can make you become ugly!”

Jessica was very sad that she stared to cry. When Jessica’s mom pasted by, she asked “Honey, what’s wrong are you hurt, did you fall?” “No mom, {sniff, sniff} Dr . Max called and said he sawmy blood and he found a bacteria that can make me ugly! {sniff, sniff}” Jessica’s mom was so sad that as soon as Jessica was about 23 and turning ugly every year, she vanished.

Once Jessica found out her mom vanished, she moved to Houston, Texas and there she found a house and would stay trapped there because she knew how people would treat her because she believed in a story about a girl that had the same exact life. Jessica unpacked her luggage and took her clothing of to take a great shower and go to sleep because it was already 10:01 in the night.

During the night, Jessica was dreaming she was as beautiful as a rose once again. An hour later it was already midnight and a pink light was shining so very bright in the air. It flew here and there, it flew every where, and it landed right in Jessica’s room and there it saw Jessica and it was a fairy, but not just any fairy, a fairy godmother. She took a second to look at her and flew to where Jessica can’t see her and waved her wand and “POOF!!” she turned into a fairy.

The fairy peeked over Jessica and tippy toed over to Jessica’s bed. “My oh my, what do we got here? Oh now I see a poor woman that looks like she’s under a curse.” whispered the fairy. But she thought, and thought of what to do and she had it. So with her power full wand she waved it and “POOF” Jessica was beautiful and she didn’t even wake up. The fairy flew up and turned back into a pink little star flying back home.

The next morning, the sun came up over the town and everyone got back to work from yesterday. Jessica, was very dizzy as soon as she woke up. Minutes later, she took a bath and feltbetter. When she finished, she put on a gown because she was tired of staying inside. But when Jessica went to brush her hair at her hairdresser she looked at herself and all she said was… “ OMG!!! IM BEAUTIFUL AGAIN!!!!!” she screamed so loud she almost popped a pigeon right at her window. So she continued to get dressed and rushed down to the Saloon to drink a Texas milkshake called The Whippier Drinker with coconut syrup!

On her way to the Saloon, she met the world’s greatest cow rider Shawn Michael. “ Well hello there pretty lady. I’m Shawn Michael. What is your name Cowgirl?” said Shawn Michael. “ Well thank you, and my name is Jessica Marrero.” “ I’ll see you later Cowgirl Jess!” he said and Jessica went to the Saloon. He was very busy right now but he was almost done that he walked to the park.

At last Jessica, arrived in the Saloon. She arrived to the register and ordered the smoothie she wanted. Like a minute later a group of men came and they started to say “ BEER WITH MORE BEER!!!!! HA HA HA!” that really bothered Jessica. Then when she stood up to give her empty glass to the register man. A man whistled at her and in Texas it meant, marry me and she refused because she didn’t like men that drank.

So Jessica ignored them and left to Elmer Park and there she had so much fun. In the park she saw Shawn Michael and they met right at the edge of an exit. They both talked about each other and right away it started to rain but didn’t care at all because they were so lost in each other’s eye’s. Their lips met and SMOOCH! They kissed and got married after all and they were very happy until the world ended for them!