eagle charter school e ducating through a ctivities in g overnance l eadership and e nterprise n.
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EAGLE Charter School E ducating through A ctivities in G overnance, L eadership, and E nterprise. Annual Report Presentation. EAGLE Mission.

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eagle charter school e ducating through a ctivities in g overnance l eadership and e nterprise

EAGLE Charter SchoolEducating through Activities in Governance, Leadership, and Enterprise

Annual Report Presentation

eagle mission
EAGLE Mission

EAGLE Charter School is a miniature replica of the global society, bringing real life experiences into the classroom. Hands on activities, student initiated ventures, and traditional coursework, combine to encourage student investment in the learning process, engage diverse needs, and ensure high academic standards.

eagle shared vision
EAGLE Shared Vision
  • Assessment
    • Learning Progress Shared with Parents
    • Core Standards Based and Varied
    • Necessary
    • Creative
  • Environment
    • Friendly, Respectful Interactions
    • All Are Learners – Staff and Students
    • Effective, Engaging Learning
    • Sense of Community
    • MicroSociety Evident in Daily Activities
  • Curriculum
    • Accessible
    • CCSS Based
    • Challenging
    • Collaborative
    • Meaningful
    • Supporting Learning Goals
  • Instruction
    • Aligned to Standards
    • Differentiated
    • Effective
    • Embedded in Meaningful Context
    • Student Driven
eagle history
EAGLE History
  • Opened in Fall 2011
  • First MicroSociety School in Oregon
  • Persevered through Challenges with Leadership
  • New Administrative Team and Board of Directors in Fall 2012
  • Name Change from Bennett Pearson Academy to EAGLE Charter School January 2013
  • Moved to New Site Winter 2012-13
  • Voted Best Charter School in the Mid-Valley Spring 2013
  • Ongoing Partnerships with Oregon School for the Deaf,

Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School

stability and finances
Stability and Finances



Enrollment up 10% from 2012-13

Started School Year with Extensive Waiting List

Current Balance Sheet

Cash Reserve for 4 Months Payroll and Expenses

No Outstanding Payables

  • Moved to Oregon School for the Deaf Campus
  • Reduced Expenditures
  • Increased Revenues
  • Audit
    • Financial Net Position Up over 100% from 2011-12
    • All 2011-12 Audit Findings Resolved
board of directors
Board of Directors
  • Stable Board Membership
    • Four of the five members have served for more than 18 months.
    • Actively recruiting new professional level members to expand the board
  • Oregon School Board Association (OSBA) Members:
    • Develop School Policies – Staff & Student handbooks
    • Initiate Strategic Planning Process with OSBA
  • Members of the Oregon League of Charter Schools
    • Members have attended conferences
  • Members of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Strong relationship with school staff to provide necessary tools to educate

and assist students and their families.

  • Stability – 100% Retention from 12-13 to 13-14
  • Professional Development
    • MicroSociey Training
    • MANDT Training
    • Love & Logic Classroom Management Training
  • ESOL Certified Staff
  • New Position - P.E. and Library Teacher
  • Diverse backgrounds, life experiences

Jog-a-thon 2013: EAGLE teachers dressed as ‘80’s aerobics instructors!

  • Figures based on cumulative 2013-14 enrollment
  • Base figures include mixed race students in all individual race categories
  • Adjusted figures classify mixed race students separately from individual categories
  • Hispanic/Latino figures calculated separately
special education
Special Education
  • Special Education services provided by
  • Salem Keizer-School District
    • Collaborative relationship with S-K personnel
  • 0.5 FTE LRC teacher
  • 0.5 LRC aide
  • Figures marked with ‘*’ include some currently in process of assessment/identification
microsociety what is micro
MicroSocietyWhat is Micro?
  • Students gain and develop real-world knowledge and skills
    • Financial literacy and money management
    • Cooperative learning
    • Critical thinking
  • Students own and operate their own government agencies and business ventures
    • Creating, drafting, and enforcing laws
    • Business planning
  • Relation to CCSS
    • Math and literacy development are key components of the MicroSociety model
      • Micro standards directly related to CCSS and alignment to both sets of standards are considered in lesson planning.
    • Additional focus on state and national standards for Technology, Social Studies (esp. Civics and Government), and the Arts.
curriculum reading
Curriculum - Reading
  • Daily Five
    • Literacy tasks while teacher meets with small groups and individuals
    • Common Core aligned
    • Student voice and choice
  • CAFÉ (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expanding Vocabulary)
    • Whole group mini-strategy lessons
    • Common Core aligned

2nd grade students participating in Daily Five tasks

curriculum math
Curriculum - Math
  • Excel Math
  • Spiraling curriculum
  • Direct alignment with CCSS
  • Self-correction (grades 2-5)
  • Consistent across all grade levels (K-5)
  • Balances new concepts with review of

past concepts

  • Flexible
    • Allows teachers to modify lessons to

meet the needs of individual students

  • Formal and informal assessments
    • Daily work, weekly and quarterly assessments
reading assessment
Reading Assessment




All students making progress


Progress monitoring

K-2 students well above low risk line in letter/sound recognition, word reading fluency, and passage reading fluency

  • DRA
    • 73% of students made a year’s worth of progress or more in reading in kindergarten through fifth grade.
    • Of the students who did not make a year’s worth of growth or more, ten were on Individualized Education Plans.
  • EasyCBM
    • Identified students at-risk
    • Volunteer Title I Reading Specialist working with small groups
  • OAKS
    • 50% of students met or exceeded
math assessment
Math Assessment




Growth from fall to winter

Common Core math Assessments

Excel Math Assessments

Every five lessons

Staff analyze results to determine which standard needs to be addressed

  • OAKS
    • Over 24% of students met or exceeded
  • EasyCBM
    • Identified students at-risk
    • Began focused interventions
2012 13 survey data
2012-13 Survey Data
  • Positives:
    • Welcoming, respectful, safe and caring environment (all groups)
    • Clear , consistent communication, good relationships (parents/staff)
    • Students love school, want to be successful, are challenged (students/parents)
    • Enjoy MicroSociety curriculum (all groups)
    • Clear, shared vision (staff)
  • Challenges:
    • Behavior/classroom management, students respecting each other (all groups)
    • Public image (parents)
    • Professional development (staff)
    • Standards and assessments (staff)
    • More freedom/challenges (students)
continuous improvement for 2013 2014
Continuous Improvement for 2013-2014
  • Identified Areas for Improvement
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Initiated Plans for Specific Content Areas (Reading, Math)
  • Staff Development
    • Data Institute
    • MicroSociety
    • Assessments/Progess Monitoring
    • Classroom Management
  • Community Involvement
    • Continue to Improve Public Profile
    • Encourage New Family Applications
parent involvement and investment
Parent Involvement and Investment
  • Volunteers
    • Hardworking
      • 50+ hours weekly
    • Invested
      • Solicit donations of materials from local businesses for classrooms
    • Caring
      • Emphasis on working with students
    • Collaborative
      • Willing to take on any task
      • Staff welcome suggestions and feedback
  • EAGLE Parent Club
    • Family Fun Nights
    • School Wide Field Trips
    • Book Fairs
    • Field Day
    • Funding for Special Projects

Volunteer servers at the Back to school BBQ

extracurricular activities and community events
Extracurricular Activities andCommunity Events
  • Battle of the Books
  • Hundred Mile Club
  • Choir
  • Lego Robotics
  • Community Cleanup Project
  • SJ Kids Writing
  • Iris Festival Parade
  • Community Barbeque

EAGLE Students with Keizer Mayor Lore Christopher

at the 2013 Iris Festival Parade

community involvement
Community Involvement
  • Salem Keizer Education Foundation
  • Oregon School for the Deaf
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Letters to businesses
  • Chemeketa Firefighters

OSD middle school student teaching an ASL lesson at EAGLE.