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The Kennedy Family

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The Kennedy Family. Joseph P Kennedy Sr , Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, and their children. HES 310 Group Members Madeline Kern Morgan Gomez Ian Crawford Savannah Pica Jamie Hill Megan Meloy. The Kennedy Family. The Kennedy Family.

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the kennedy family

The Kennedy Family

Joseph P Kennedy Sr, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, and their children.

the kennedy family1

HES 310

Group Members

Madeline Kern

Morgan Gomez

Ian Crawford

Savannah Pica

Jamie Hill

Megan Meloy

The Kennedy Family

the kennedy family2

The Kennedy Family

Joseph P Kennedy Sr.(1888–1969) married Rose Fitzgerald (1890–1995). Joseph served as the first chairman of the Unites States Securities and Exchange Commission and as the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom in the years leading up to World War II. Both Joseph and Rose were staunch Irish Catholics.

the kennedy family3

Joseph Patrick Kennedy was born July 25, 1915. He attended Harvard University (then Harvard College) before enrolling in Harvard Law School. He was an American bomber pilot in WW II. He died in combat, and his body was never recovered. Later he was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Air Medal.

The Kennedy Family

the kennedy family4

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born May 29, 1917 just outside of Boston, MA. Like his parents he was a strong Irish Catholic Democrat. He was a US Congressman; and 35th President of the United States Early education very disrupted by illness. He attended Harvard University from 1936-1940. He considered a career as a journalist before running for political office. He married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier on September 12, 1953.

Saldly John was assassinated while on a political trip in Dallas, TX at 12:30 pm on November 22, 1963.

The Kennedy Family

the kennedy family5

Rosemary Kennedy was born September 13, 1918, and died January 7, 2005. In 1941, at the age of 23, her father authorized a lobotomy to be performed on Rosemary to calm her "mood swings". The procedure reduced her to an "infantile state". Publicly she was pronounced to be "mentally handicapped", this sounded better than "failed lobotomy.“ In 1949, she was moved to the St. Coletta School for Exceptional Children in Jefferson, WI. Due to her condition, she became largely detached from her family but she was still visited by her sister, Eunice.

The Kennedy Family

the kennedy family6

Kathleen Kennedy was born February 20, 1920, and died May 13, 1948. When her father was ambassador to the UK, Kathleen spent a year and a half living in London and was educated at Queen's College. She was called "Beautiful and Spirited“ and later married William John Robert Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington on May 6, 1944 despite fervent opposition from her mother. Other than her father, no one from her family attended the wedding ceremony. Her husband was killed in action in WW II four months after they were married.

The Kennedy Family

the kennedy family7

Eunice Kennedy was born July 10, 1921, and died August 11, 2009. She graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Sociology in 1943. She worked for the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Justice Department. She later married Sergeant Shriver on May 23, 1953 in a Roman Catholic ceremony; they had 5 children.

She co-founded the Special Olympics; most believe this partly because of her sister Rosemarie Kennedy.

The Kennedy Family

the kennedy family8

The Kennedy Family

Patricia Helen "Pat" Kennedy was born May 6, 1924, and died September 17, 2006. She was considered the most sophisticated, yet most introverted of the Kennedy daughters. She loved Hollywood and travelling. She attended Rosemont College. She later moved to Hollywood in hopes of becoming a movie producer and director. There she married actor Peter Lawford on April 24, 1954; but divorced in 1966. They had 4 children. She faught an alcohol addiction and cancer after the divorce.

the kennedy family9

Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy was born November 20, 1925 . He attended Harvard University and University of Virginia School of Law. He married Ethel Skakel on June 17, 1950; they had 11 children. He was Appointed Attorney General in 1960, following his brother's election as President, despite his lack of experience. He was elected New York Senator in 1964. He was assassinated in the early morning hours of June 5, 1968 while walking through the kitchen of The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, CA; moments after addressing his supporters.

The Kennedy Family

the kennedy family10

Jean Ann Kennedy was born February 20, 1928. She was Most shy and most guarded of the Kennedy children.

It was said by her mother that "She was born so late, she was only able to enjoy the tragedies, and not the triumphs.“ She Attended Manhattanville College. She married Stephen Edward Smith on May 19, 1956; and gave birth to two sons and adopted two daughters. She maintained a lower profile than other members of the Kennedy family. She founded the non for profit VSA: Very Special Arts. It promotes the artistic talents of mentally and physically challenged children.

The Kennedy Family

the kennedy family11

Edward Kennedy was born February 22, 1932, and died August 25, 2009 of a brain tumor. He was an U.S. Senator; elected 9 times and served 46 years. He was famous for his oratorical skills. He attended ten different schools by the age of 11. He attended Harvard University but was expelled in May 1951 when he had another student take his Spanish exam for him. He later re-entered Harvard in 1953 with a renewed work ethic and graduated in 1956 with a degree in history and government. He married Virginia Joan Bennett on November 29, 1958; and they had 3 children.

The Kennedy Family

the kennedy family residence ia n crawford

The Kennedy Family ResidenceIan Crawford

Using my background in interior design, I designed a house for the Kennedy Family that will suit there various needs. They are a busy family that is constantly in the public eye. They need a place were they can entertain, but also a private home that they can relax in. I have designed a house in the Academic Colonial Revival Style that has large public entertaining areas, as well as separate private areas to give their home a calm and personal atmosphere.

the kennedy family12

The Kennedy Family

The Kennedy Family entertains often, and has a level of formality to maintain in their events hosted at home. This house was designed for elegant entertaining but has distinct private areas as well. It gives the family the opportunity to relax in their home and still give visitors and guests the Kennedy lifestyle experience.


Interior Design

Megan Meloy

Being a student in Interior Design, I am constantly faced with the everyday challenge of space planning. The design process for the Kennedy’s demands the need for space, functionality, and formality. With the Kennedy’s being such a large family, their home will accommodate to their wants and needs. Designing a large playroom allows for an outlet for children to play without the entire house being scattered with toys and other miscellaneous objects. With nine children, it is hard for each child to have their own individual rooms. The three eldest children will have their own rooms and the remaining younger six will share rooms. These three shared rooms will be larger and have defined sides for privacy. Large bookcases and shelving will divide the room so each child’s personal space and sleeping areas are left private.


The Kennedy Family

This image is a shared room between Patricia and Jean. They each have their own bed, nightstand with lamp, dresser and mirror, and a long row of shelving a bookcases for personal belongings. The sides are mirror images of each other. The bookcases are a good division because they still have the open aspect of a room yet they still each have their own unique sides to which they can customize to their liking.

jackie and jfk s wedding
Jackie and JFK’s Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Dudley Auchincloss

request the honour of your presence

at the marriage of Mrs. Auchincloss' daughter

Jacqueline Lee Bouvierto 

The Honorable John Fitzgerald Kennedy

United States Senate

on Saturday, the twelfth of September

at eleven o'clock

Saint Mary's Church

Spring Street

Newport, Rhode Island  

  • On September 12, 1953 they married at St. Mary’s Church in Newport, Rhode Island. Twelve hundred people were invited to the wedding reception at Hammersmith Farm, a place filled with happy memories for Jacqueline of the summers she had spent there with her mother, stepfather, brothers and sisters.
  • The reception was held on the huge terrace of the 300 acre Auchincloss oceanfront estate, Hammersmith Farm, for more than twelve hundred guests.  The wedding cake was over four feet tall. Meyer Davis and his orchestra played under a huge canopy.
  • *The Hospitality Industry could have helped Jackie and JFK by suggesting a more intimate private wedding. By doing this it would have helped keep their personal love life not so public. Having a private family wedding could have offered a more romantic feel and helped keep the marriage secure.
celebrating american history culture and achievement
Celebrating American History, Culture and Achievement
  • President Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy together with their two children, brought a new, youthful spirit to the White House. Jacqueline Kennedy planned important dinners and events at the White House and invited artists, writers, scientists, poets, and musicians to mingle with politicians, diplomats, and statesmen.
  • February 14, 1962 CBS Television asked Mrs. Kennedy to present a televised tour of the newly restored White House. Fifty million Americans watched it on television.  Mrs. Kennedy was honored with an Emmy Award for her hard work.
  • April 29, 1962 Jackie hosted a dinner at the White House for the Nobel Prize winners
  • Spring 1961 Jackie Kennedy brought in Chef Rene Verdon, with his French presence in the kitchen the White House became well known for its superb five course meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

* The Hospitality Industry could help the Kennedys high profile lifestyle by hiring an event planner. By doing this it would help the First ladies to have more time with their family and let the event planner focus on all the event that are held at The White House.

kennedy compound
Kennedy Compound
  • Located in Nantucket Sound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts
  • Built in 1904 and is acquired by six acres on ocean front Cape Cod
  • The home was first bought by Grandfather Joseph Kennedy and was remolded to equip their nine children and later the other generations to come. Two other homes were build around the main house by brothers John and Robert.
  • The house was used for many activities with the family growing up and for entertaining many guests and weddings
  • In 1960 JFK used the compound as a base for his Presidential campaign
  • The compound was also used as a Summer White House and President retreat
  • It is said today that the compound would be transformed into an education center and museum

*The Hospitality Industry could help by promoting the opening of the new education and museum center by having an annual opening party.

In the past we could have helped by renting out the compound when the families weren't using it for a charity events, weddings or personal vacationing.

adolescent and youth development major jamie hill

Adolescent and Youth Development Major Jamie Hill

-Joseph P Kennedy Sr., the Kennedy’s father, was a chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange commission and also was the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom. This says that the nine Kennedy children during their youth or adolescence were in the limelight to the public but may have been ignored by their father sometimes when they really needed him.

I think that this may have affected David Kennedy who died from a drug overdose. If he had been payed more attention to and gotten some family therapy than he might have not gotten into drugs.

William Kennedy Smith, another of Joseph P. Kennedy’s sons was tried for rape but was not charged. This is another example of a Kennedy having had an issue later in life that could have been solved by getting more attention as a youth.

Rosemary Kennedy was believed to have a mental illness or was depressed. She was said to have both. This may have been helped with the proper care or medicine instead of a secret labotomy her father prepared for her to have.

kennedy adolescent solution
Kennedy Adolescent Solution
  • I think that if the Kennedy family had gotten more attention as youths it would have helped some of the children in their later years and maybe would have helped them in their time of grief caused by the tradgedies that happened that are referred to as the Kennedy curse.
  • One thing that I would do with my major to assist the Kennedy’s would be to plan more family vacations for them. They would involve different activities for the children to bond and spend time with their parents. This would add fun to their adolescence and help them all bond with their family.
  • Another idea would be family therapy sessions. With the children’s father being occupied with his career and he may not have been as existing as wanted. During adolescence, it seems youth have many problems and talking about them helps them grow and be able to deal with them later on.
apparel and textile design major savannah pica
Apparel and Textile Design Major Savannah Pica
  • Jean Ann Kennedy Smith is an American diplomat and was a former United States Ambassador to Ireland.
  • Unlike her brother John’s wife, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Jean needed assistance with styling. Being Ambassador to Ireland called for attending functions. Therefore, she must look stylish yet professional even if she is in Jacqueline’s shadow.
    • Jean hired me to be her personal stylist. I found her sophisticated, unique suits paired with all the right accessories. Some of her favorite garments were dresses by Diane von Furstenberg and suits by Chanel. Jean loved bold colorful jewels from designers like Kenneth Lane, Goldette, and Trifari. Jean was up to date with the styles of the 70’s and enjoyed wearing bellbottoms with platforms when she was dressing down.