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Secrets to Success on PSSA PowerPoint Presentation
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Secrets to Success on PSSA

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Secrets to Success on PSSA
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Secrets to Success on PSSA

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  1. Secrets to Success on PSSA or How to impress your family and surprise yourself

  2. Underline the title of the passage. (This won’t get you a better score by itself, but it focuses your attention, takes no time, and makes everyone happy. While you are at it, predict what the passage could be about.)

  3. Number your paragraphsand notice anything underlined (besides the title that you underlined), italicized, bolded, graphed, charted, etc. • This CAN get a higher score if you pay close attention to those items because, obviously, the test maker wants you to notice them.

  4. Read the questions (and possible answers) before you read the passage. • This really will get extra points because you will know for what you are searching.

  5. Read the passage and interact with it as you go. • Underline, circle, make notes to yourself, make comments. • This is critical to gaining a good score, so don’t try to skip this step.

  6. Answer the questions: Be sure to check for tricky questions such as which answer is NOT blah blahblah… • You have no idea how many scores drop because a question was misread.

  7. Go back to verify your answers by noting the numbered paragraph where each answer can be proven. • Why do you think you numbered the paragraphs?

  8. Reading Open Ended Question RATT it Restate the question Answer it Text support Text support

  9. Read the question and be certain to note EXACTLY what is required. Rewrite the question in the form of a statement. Write your answer neatly, (yes, that means YOU) enumerating theTEXTexamples. ie. My first example is… My second example is… (Avoid transitional words such as next, also, another.) State in your answer: “In the text it says…”

  10. If you want to add more examples from text than required, beat the reader over the head with the fact that it is extra. ie. I know that only two examples were required, but I would like to give a third. CREATIVITY IN THE READING SECTION IS A CERTAIN WAY TO LOWER YOUR SCORE!