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Homelessness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Homelessness' - tovah

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The cuts all up my arm are from slashing up. I slash myself to turn emotional pain into controllable physical pain. It's not usually to kill myself, just to help cope with the pain of the past. don't do it much, but if I'm having a shocker week I might just sit there and slash till I reach one hundred cuts. If the only thing that happens to you in your life is you just keep getting hurt, you end up saying no this isn't going to happen to me, I'm not going to let myself get hurt anymore, I can't handle the reality of life I can't handle any of it why not end it all then I know that I don't have to deal with any of it.

The last time I tried to kill myself I only had a syringe to slash up with so I was hacking at myself trying to get myself bleeding properly. Then I sniffed paint until I blacked out.

wanted to bleed to death but it didn't work because someone found me lying in the alley and called an ambulance. You just give up, that's it, it's the end. As soon as you get to that stage where you don't care if you live or die you end up so upset, so depressed, so hurt with everything that you just cant handle even the day in front of you. In the end it's a matter of well if I get through the day then great, if I don't doesn't matter, no big deal. It's not like anyone's going to miss whether I'm here or not.



What does homelessness mean ? and what type of people are homeless ?.

Homelessness means that you have no place to live and you are begging on the streets and there are loads of different people put there that are homeless children, adults, old people What are the main causes ?

The main causes of this is that they have left home because maybe of new relationship that they didn’t get along with.

  • or abuse in a relationship .
  • Kicked out.
  • Some people can be born this way .
  • Ran away .

Homelessness story …

Homeless People - Rebecca's Story

In her own words this is our friend Rebecca's story..."Two things happened when I turned 12, my Father who used to beat the hell out of us left home and the other thing that happened is I started using drugs... One of my friends said 'Here try this it will make you feel better', and it did.

When I turned 13, my Mum found a new partner who lived at home with us. He raped me regularly and abused my younger sisters as well. I was only 13.

He also use to beat Mum up and it was hell on earth. For about a year I suffered through it but when I was fourteen I couldn't take it anymore, so I said to Mum 'You have to get rid of this guy, either he goes or I go.' Mum chose him and I landed on the streets.

Initially I stayed with friends, and then slept with guys from the neighbourhood to keep a roof over my head. Eventually I had to leave the suburbs for the city streets. Sleeping in abandoned houses and buildings, I lived on the streets with other young people who were like me.


Homelessness people judgements

  • Most of the people think that they are drugies and a really bad person but actually about 90% of people are not people who buy drugs they have there own reasons to be homeless so from my point of view I think that everyone are not drugies that are homeless .