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Machined or Painted Alloy Wheels? PowerPoint Presentation
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Machined or Painted Alloy Wheels?

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Machined or Painted Alloy Wheels? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The first step to a successful alloy wheel repair is determining whether your wheels are machined or painted. Machined and painted alloy wheels have a number of differences in appearance and repair requirements. Keen to know about these differences? Read these slides.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Machined or Painted Alloy Wheels?' - touchupguysau

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if you re wondering if your alloy wheel

If you’re wondering if your alloy wheel can be repaired, then firstly you need to find out

what kind of alloy wheel you have. Although there are many manufacturing methods, the

most common two end results are a painted or a machined alloy wheel.

The easiest way to determine visually is by the very fine ridges that extend from the

centre to the edge of the wheel like the rings on an old record album. A painted alloy

wheel is exactly that, painted in an array of colours, most commonly silver but can be

black, white or any colour in between.

Painted alloy wheel damage can be repaired while on the vehicle as along as long as

the damage is only cosmetic. Machined alloy wheels can be painted to match the colour

but the ridges will be covered over. If any alloy wheel damage is structural then the

wheel is likely beyond repair.

If your alloy wheels need repairing call the Touch Up Guys today and we can help you


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General Manager Paul Hawken discusses how and

why it’s important to determine the type of alloy

wheels you have.

alloy wheels need repairing call us today

Alloy wheels need repairing? Call us

today to get a quote or to arrange a

visit from one of our mobile mechanics.