Synonyms and a ntonyms
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Synonyms and A ntonyms. Vernon e. Reyes 2012. Difference?. Synonyms. Antonyms . Words with different meaning. Words with the same meaning. In tests, it is difficult because: You need to have a a relatively large vocabulary You have only choices and no sentences to get context clues

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Synonyms and a ntonyms

Synonyms and Antonyms

Vernon e. Reyes





Words with different meaning

  • Words with the same meaning

In tests, it is difficult because:

You need to have a a relatively large vocabulary

You have only choices and no sentences to get context clues

You can usually determine the word through its root word

E.g. Cred = trust or believe: incredible, sacred, credit

Thus you need the process of elimination

Look at prefixes and suffixes

Let s practice
Let’s Practice

1. proactive

a. After b. forward

c. Toward d. behind

2. inscribe

a. Confine b. see

c. Perform d. write

3. congregation

a. With b. over

c. Apart d. time

Let s practice1
Let’s Practice

4. etymology

a. state of b. prior to

c. Study of d. quality of

5. wisdom

a. a state of being b. a relationship

c. a property d. an action


1. b. The prefix pro- means for. If someone is proactive, they are forward thinking and take action

or initiative to make things happen.

2. d. The word root scribe means to write; to engrave on a surface.

3. a. The prefix con- means to be together with. A congregation would gather together with each other.

4. c. The suffix -ology means the study of. Etymology is the study of word origins.

5. a. The suffix -dom is a state of being. Someone who has wisdom is someone who is wise enough to discern or judge what is right, true, or lasting.

Synonym practice
Synonym Practice

1. a partial report

a. Identifiable b. incomplete

c. Visible d. Enhanced

2. a substantial report

a. Inconclusive b. weighty

c. Proven d. alleged

Synonym practice1
Synonym Practice

3. corroborate the statement

a. Confirm b. negate

c. Deny d. challenge

4. manufactured goods

a. Reverted b. transgressed

c. Regressed d. processed

Synonym practice2
Synonym Practice

5. anincoherent answer

a. not understandable b. not likely

c. Undeniable d. challenging

6. covered with debris

a. good excuses b. transparent material

c. scattered rubble d. protective material

Synonym practice3
Synonym Practice

7. inadvertently left

a. Mistakenly b. purposely

c. Cautiously d. carefully

8. compatible workers

a. Gifted b. competitive

c. Harmonious d. experienced

Synonym practice4
Synonym Practice

7. inadvertently left

a. Mistakenly b. purposely

c. Cautiously d. carefully

8. compatible workers

a. Gifted b. competitive

c. Harmonious d. experienced


1. b. Partial means incomplete. The root of the word here is part. A partial report is only part of the whole.

2. b. A substantial report is extensive. The key part of the word substantial is substance. Substance means something that has significance.

3. a. To corroborate is to confirm. Notice the prefix co-, which means with or together. Some related words are cooperate, coworker, and collide. Corroboration means that one statement fits with another.

4. d. Manufactured goods are those that are made or processed from raw material into a finished product. Facer—the word root—means to make or do.


5. a. Incoherent means not understandable. To cohere means to connect. A coherent answer connects or makes sense. The prefix in means not.

6. c. Debris is scattered fragments or trash.

7. a. Inadvertently means by mistake. The key element in this word is the prefix in, which means not.

8. c. Compatible means capable of existing or performing in harmony.

Antonym practice
Antonym Practice

9. prompt payment

a. Punctual b. slack

c. Tardy d. regular

10. delay the decision

  • Slow b. Hasten

  • c. Pause d. desist

Antonym practice1
Antonym Practice

11. moderate work flow

a. Original b. average

c. Final d. excessive

12. initial impression

a. First b. crisis

c. Final d. right

Antonym practice2
Antonym Practice

13. capable employee

a. Unskilled b. absurd

c. Apt d. able

14. zealous pursuit

a. Envious b. eager

c. Idle d. comical

Antonym practice3
Antonym Practice

15. exorbitant prices

a. Expensive b. unexpected

c. Reasonable d. outrageous

16. belligerent attitude

a. Hostile b. appeasing

c. Instinctive d. ungracious


9. c. The key here is to remember not to choose the synonym. Context clues are important as well. You may have seen this sentence on one of your bills: Prompt payment is appreciated. Prompt means punctual; tardy means late.

10. b. To delay is to postpone. If a decision is delayed, it will happen more slowly. To delay is to slow; to hasten is to hurry.


11. d. Something that is moderate is not subject to extremes. Moderate means average; excessive means extreme.

12. c. An initial impression is one that comes first. Initial means first; final means last.

13. a. The suffix -able tells you that a capable employee is one who has ability. Capable means able; unskilled means unable.

14. c. Zealous means eager, so idle is most nearly the opposite. You may have heard the word zeal before, which might give you a clue about the meaning of the word. One other precaution is to be careful and not be misled by the similar sounds of zealous and jealous. The other trick is not to choose the synonym, eager, choice b.


15. c. The best clue in this word is the prefix ex, which means out of or away from. Exorbitant literally means exceeding the bounds of what is fair or normal; very high. The opposite of an exorbitant or outrageous price would be a reasonable one.

16. b. The key element in this word is the root belli-, which means warlike. The synonym choices—hostile and ungracious—are incorrect. The antonym would be appeasing.