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SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide

SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide

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SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide

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  1. SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide E.ON’s eSourcing Application SynerTrade.

  2. First Steps – Access and Invitation • You received three emails: • Email with your login data • Email with your password • Email with the invitation to an E.ON project Please login with your email address and password ( SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide

  3. First Steps – Check your profile and company settings Click on your name in the left upper corner or on “my account”. Here you can edit your personal information and settings, your company details and also create new user for your company. Don’t forget to save your edited data when changing the tab. SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide

  4. Editing a project Click in the left menu on my cockpit and click on the project. You can also go in RFX or Auctions and there click on the project. SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide

  5. Editing a project – Project details In the first tab ‘project details’ you can find all relevant information to the project. If you have questions regarding the project please contact the project lead. SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide

  6. Editing a project – My Team Here you have the possibility to add more colleagues to this project. Therefore click on ‘New’. You can only find your colleagues if you have set them up (see page 3). SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide

  7. Editing a project – Documents Upload of documents Download of many documents: 1. Mark documents 2. Choose download and click green button Download of a docuement Please download all documents. Therefore click on the download symbol. For a mass download, mark all documents – click in the header row between ‘No.’ and ‘Actions’ and select ‘download’ from the drop down menu. To upload document click ‘Upload documents’. SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide

  8. Editing a project– Tender elements Edit tender elements Once you have downloaded all project documents, go to tab ‘tender elements’ and edit questionnaires/ pricing grids. Therefore click on the left symbol in the action cell. SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide

  9. Editing a project– Online or Offline edit offline edit online You can edit the tender elements online and offline in excel.: 1. Editing online: Enter your prices or responses here. Don’t forget to save your entries before leaving the page or clicking on a symbol. 2. Editing offline:Click on ‘Export’ to download this element into excel. Save this file locally. Once your have edited the xls.-file, save it and click on ‘Import lines’ or ‘…’. Your prices/responses are now saved online. SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide

  10. Publish your data/ Send data to E.ON Click on publish all tabs! If you are sure all data are finalized and all documents are uploaded and saved, please click on ‘publish’. Only if you click ‘publish’ your data are visible for E.ON. After clicking ‘publish’ you get a confirmation email that your data are published. Good to know: E.ON can only see your data when the project is closed. SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide

  11. E.ON contact persons Technical queries to SynerTrade: Please send an email to Professional, content queries: Please contact the project lead (see slide 5.) SynerTrade: Quick Reference Guide