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  2. PRESENTATION • Tablets and Education: a new learning paradigm Adapted for each user’s requirements • Tablet out of school: a tool for self-learning • Opposed to other educational tablets (like Nabi 2), it is an open system

  3. PRESENTATION MILAN has achieved the perfect combination: + • Sets the foundations for a learning process, where learning is something fun. • The recommended APPs have an educational value. Not only they are fun, but also they teach.

  4. PRESENTATION • What is MILAN Playground? • It’s a educational applications recommender for kids. A recommender is an information filter based on the preferences of a specific user, so the information displayed changes based on who uses. • MILAN Playground has a directory containing dozens of handpicked applications reviewed, scored and categorized through ten different categories.. • MILAN Playground suggests the applications based on filters such as the user’s age or their educational value. • It’s an interactive environment, where the available applications are restricted for the kids, based on the parents’ preferences. • The parents can choose which applications are available for their children. • It is a dynamic environment, where the desktop itself where the applications are launched, is an interactive environment.

  5. PRESENTATION • What is not MILAN Playground? • MILAN Playground is not an application provider, it only displays an organized directory that recommends applications available for installation through Google’s service, Google Play Store. • MILAN Playground is not a security system for fully restricting the access to the applications. The interactive environment restricts only the applications that can be launched from there, but once the user exits this environment, all the applications are available for execution as a standard Android tablet.


  7. 2 1 USERS

  8. USERS • Profile creation and edition • Custom picture • Scenario selection

  9. RECOMMENDATIONS Different filters • Price • Language • Category • Age Score calculation based on the selected filters

  10. RECOMMENDATIONS • Launches Google Play Store • The application is automatically added

  11. AvailableApplications • Selection of the available applications at the interactive scenario.


  13. INTERACTIVE SCENARIO • The elements are interactive • Discovering through experimentation • Launching the available applications

  14. INTERACTIVE SCENARIO • The elements are interactive • Discovering through experimentation • Launching the available applications

  15. CONCLUSIONS • Theeducationischanging (in theclassrooms and at home) • The tablet MILAN T1 recommends APPs with educational value, but remains as an open system. • We can make learning fun. • “Edutainment” philosophy: Kids are concentrated when playing. We can promote learning within games.

  16. CONCLUSIONS • MILAN T1 Touch Tablet: has the potential to motivate even the smallest kids. • APPs classified in different categories: maths, reading and writing, languages, science, creativity, etc.. • Moreover, the MILAN Playground provides a certain degree of parental control, preventing the kids from accessing non-recommended content. Parents can easily enter or exit the MILAN Playground. • Summarizing, the MILAN T1 Touch Tablet has the most suitable blend of learning and entertaining, opening up a plethora of learning opportunities for our kids.

  17. Thank you