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Multiple Measures Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Multiple Measures Project

Multiple Measures Project

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Multiple Measures Project

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  1. Multiple Measures Project • California Community Colleges are required to use multiple measures Title 5 § 55502(i) clearly mandates that California community colleges should use multiple measures in their assessment and placement processes: “‘Multiple measures’ are a required component of a district’s assessment system and refer to the use of more than one assessment measure in order to assess the student” [emphasis added]. The requirement to use multiple measures is reiterated in Title 5 § 55522(a): “When using an English, mathematics, or ESL assessment test for placement, it must be used with one or more other measures to comprise multiple measures.”

  2. Additional Multiple Measures can include: • Interviews, • Attitude surveys, • High school or college transcripts, • Specialized certificates or licenses, • Education and employment histories, • Military training and experience’ and • Holistic scoring processes.

  3. SSSP Implications • Title 5 states that before a student is given their placement results, the initial assessment process must include the application of the Multiple Measures guidelines developed by the college.

  4. Long Beach City College Implementing Multiple Measures Assessment • English and Math faculty work groups • A or B in Sr. HS English • HS GPA • Math grade • A-G courses • Math CST • Last HS Math course taken • Also, AP course, Accuplacer placements

  5. Wrap Around Services • Registration workshops • First year success courses • Achievement coaches • Early registration • First semester college tuition free • Were not able to provide • Early Alert • Point of contact • Second year follow up services

  6. Multiple Measures Project Preparation Program Placement based on HS grades and last math or English course Placement may include up to one course higher than typical test results indicate Placement will also include accelerated courses Students will sign a contract and participate in required services GOAL – to place more students higher and to achieve higher percent of success in courses and completion of degree, certificate or transfer • Select a cohort from potentially 400 CalSOAP freshman entering Fall 2014 • Some will enter with our previous assessment protocol and testing • About 100 will enter a new multiple measures placement and wrap around/intrusive student services • All students will take assessment test but placement will be different

  7. Mandatory for Cohort Activities • On-site Orientation • Freshman bridge program in summer • Assessment/placement tests • Student Ed plan – where courses are determined by counselors for first year including English and math first semester • Faculty will alert counseling and other services through an early alert system if any triggers are recognized: homework not turned in , absences, poor grades • Required tutoring if students receive a C on any assignment • Habits of Mind activities • Assessment after first semester

  8. March is Multiple Measures Month!