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- Amr Alhuraibi, Zihan Bia, Jennifer Ghelardini, Jesse Masear , Mohamad Mohamad

BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY D ISRUPT EL ECTRONIC M EDICAL R ECORDS O NE 18 W HEELER AT A T IME ROI +545%. - Amr Alhuraibi, Zihan Bia, Jennifer Ghelardini, Jesse Masear , Mohamad Mohamad. Prepared by Johns Hopkins University MBA/MSF students. Amr Alhuraibi MSF 2019. Zihan Bai MSF 2019.

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- Amr Alhuraibi, Zihan Bia, Jennifer Ghelardini, Jesse Masear , Mohamad Mohamad

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  1. BLOCKCHAINTECHNOLOGYDISRUPT ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDSONE 18 WHEELERATA TIMEROI +545% -Amr Alhuraibi, Zihan Bia, Jennifer Ghelardini, Jesse Masear, Mohamad Mohamad

  2. Prepared by Johns Hopkins University MBA/MSF students Amr Alhuraibi MSF 2019 Zihan Bai MSF 2019 Jennifer Ghelardini MBA 2019 Jesse MasearFlexed MBA 2020

  3. ADVISORS Professor of Finance Dr. Jim Kyung-SooLiew Professor of Finance/Blockchain Jose Arrieta MEHARRY MEDICAL COLLEGE Dean School of Dentistry Dr. Cherae M. Farmer-Dixon, DDS MSPH, FACD Senior VP for Health Affairs and Dean School of Medicine Dr. Veronica T. Mallett MD, MMM Senior VP Institutional Advancement Mr. Patrick Johnson Senior VP Executive Director Dr. Dexter Samuels Ph.D. Senior VP General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Dr. Ivanetta Davis-Samuels J.D. Dean School of Graduate Studies and Research Dr. Maria de Fatima Lima Ph.D. Senior Advisor to the President on Technology Amy Adrande M.S., PMP

  4. Introduction • Whatisthebusiness • AdvantagesandDisadvantages • Futureplan:4trucksin2020.

  5. W How to integrate Blockchain into MeHarry’s digital infrastructure to scale their operations to the level of self-sustainability? • 2.2 Million Patients w/o access to dental care in Tennessee • Howtoscale program to insure adequate coverage? • How to provide proper dental care with Mobile Dental Units? A B C

  6. SOLUTION • Biometric Scanning, combined with Blockchain integration to obtain patient information digitally • Finger Print Scan • Cloud Based Data  EMR WHY? • Efficiency • Indexing • Security

  7. Blockchain integrated into solution provides efficiency Biometric scanning proves point of care

  8. Step 1 Blockchain connects to the current private data cloud. (Axion) Meharry Meharry Step 2 Patients records are updated on the Axion. No need to be stored on the Blockchain. StudentInsertthedataofthepatients TheprivatedatacloudwillupdatestherecordswithBlockchainconnectedtoit Step 3 Other parties get access to the data. Meharry control the access by Blockchain. Thedatacanbeaccessedfromallthepartieswiththeterminals Blockchainwillalsorecordalltheaccesswhichismoreconvenienttomanage

  9. PartieswhohasaccesstothedataontheBlockchain 545%

  10. Investments • Mobileunits • Blockchain • Threemodels • OperatingRevenue • Efficiency-improved • Accesssubscription • ThreeIncomesources • Operations: • $406K - $1.4M • Additional Income:$94K - $314K • Data Sale: • $0 - $980K

  11. Revenue

  12. Net IncomeComparison WithBlockchain,thenetincomein2028is$910,889.However,withoutBlockchain,thenetincomeis$(472,382)

  13. Q&A

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