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Reporting Church activities

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Reporting Church activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reporting Church activities. Presentation outline. Why do we report? When do we report? Who reports? What do we report? How do we report? Report process Report format Common mistakes. Why do we report?. To assess performance against set targets To facilitate monitoring and evaluation

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Presentation Transcript
presentation outline
Presentation outline
  • Why do we report?
  • When do we report?
  • Who reports?
  • What do we report?
  • How do we report?
  • Report process
  • Report format
  • Common mistakes
why do we report
Why do we report?
  • To assess performance against set targets
  • To facilitate monitoring and evaluation
  • To provide information to church members and higher authorities in the church system
  • To help in decision making and future planning
  • To keep a record of events
  • To contribute to conf ,union and global reporting
when do we report
When do we report?
  • Treasury: Weekly on remittances
  • Treasury : monthly to the Church Board
  • Treasury : Quarterly to business meeting
  • Other departments: Quarterly to Board and business meeting
  • Special Assignments : As provided in terms of reference
who reports
Who reports?
  • All departments to the Board
  • Church Board to Business meeting
  • Pastor to Central Zambia Conference
  • Central Zambia conference to ZBUC
  • Zambia Union Conference to SID
  • Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division to General conference
what do we report
What do we report?
  • Activities done against planned work
  • Statistics relating to departmental interests
  • Activities not done and reasons for not doing them
  • Plans for the next quarter
  • Problems faced
  • Recommendations
how do we report
How do we report?
  • Stage 1: Understand department’s purpose
  • Stage 2: Study Church strategic plan
  • Stage 3: Study 2010 activities and learn from mistakes. Be innovative.
  • Stage 4: Draw up objectives and annual work plans indicating budget and time for events. (Use dept. Council or committee)
conference reports
Conference reports
  • CZC has own templates
  • Departments required to report will be given the forms and must complete and submit four copies quarterly
  • Copies must be obtained at the beginning of the quarter to facilitate data capturing
  • Reports usually required in the last week of the quarter and so cut of date may have to be end of 12th week
illustration of reporting cut off dates
Illustration of reporting cut off dates
  • First quarter submission date : 25th March
  • Report coverage 1st January to 24th March
  • Second quarter Submission date: 24 June
  • Report coverage 25th March to 23 June
  • Third quarter submission date 26 September
  • Report coverage 24 June to 25 September
  • Fourth Quarter submission date 27 Dec
  • Report Coverage 26 Sept. To 26 Dec
local university sda church report
Local University SDA Church report
  • Name the department and reporting period
  • State objectives
  • Do table indicating quarterly plans and activities for each objective
  • Do table showing what was actually achieved against what was planned
  • Provide useful comments in the table that will help the reader understand the report
local university church report contd
Local University Church report contd
  • Do table on activities not done providing alternatives/explanations
  • Indicate plans for next quarter
  • Provide key statistics comparing the same with those of the previous quarter
  • Give recommendations for the Board’s consideration( if you have any)
  • Service calls will usually have been passed on to the Elders and may not be part of the report unless approval has been obtained
process of reporting
Process of reporting
  • Report must be compiled by departmental secretary and checked by the leader
  • Report must be endorsed by the departmental council or committee
  • Report must be signed by both the departmental leader and the Elder-in- Charge of the Department
  • Report must be submitted to the Church Clerk on the date announced by the church leadership
  • Dept . Must keep copies of all reports submitted
  • Electronic submissions sent via email are very useful for clerks
common errors
Common errors
  • No statistics
  • False/ wrong statistics
  • No data captured & no reference to previous report
  • Failure to plan work
  • Report not clear/ poor language/Spelling errors
  • Using own template which differs from prescribed format
  • Cut and paste errors (dates etc)
  • No liaison between Elder-in Charge and dept leader