trina cofield participates in various church n.
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Trina Cofield Participates In Various Church Activities PowerPoint Presentation
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Trina Cofield Participates In Various Church Activities

Trina Cofield Participates In Various Church Activities

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Trina Cofield Participates In Various Church Activities

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  1. Trina Cofield Participates In Various Church Activities .

  2. Specializing in Internal Medicine/Hospital Medicine, Trina Cofield is a compassionate physician who offers quality health-care to her patients. Internal Medicine is a medical specialty that deals with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various adult diseases. A physician who specializes in Internal Medicine is called internist and is especially skilled in management of patients with undifferentiated or multi-system disease processes.

  3. A well-qualified individual Trina Cofieldis a highly qualified person, having attended prestigious educational institutions to complete her education. She attended the University of Miami to receive her Bachelor of Science degree and graduated from Howard University Medical School. Established in 1868, Howard University Medical School aims at educating and training African American Physicians.. .

  4. These physicians offer superior care for ambulatory and hospitalized patients and also play a role in research and teaching. Internists are well-qualified physicians with extensive training in Internal Medicine and must not be confused with interns who are in their first year of residency training.

  5. Howard University College of Medicine has 6 training programs leading to the MS or Ph.D. This college holds immense reputation for producing physicians who offer healthcare to under-served communities throughout the country. Hobbies Trina Cofield enjoys reading in her free time. She is also a passionate traveler and loves exploring new destinations. She is married and has two children, and likes to spend quality time with her family. .

  6. Humanitarian In addition to working as a Physician, Trina Cofield is also a philanthropist and participates in a range of charitable causes. She is involved in various church activities and has been a volunteer with the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team. .

  7. Memberships Trina Cofield is a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, National Medical Association, and American Physiological Society. The APS was established in 1887, with 28 members. At present, the organization has 10, 500 members, most of whom have doctoral degrees .

  8. in medicine, physiology and various other health professions. The mission of the American Physiological Society is to support education, research and circulation of information in physiological sciences .