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On the Same Page:

On the Same Page:. What Librarians and Faculty Can Learn From Each Other. Who We Are. Linda Reeves, Public Services Librarian M.A. English, Ball State University M.L.I.S. from University of Texas at Austin Renata Gibson, Public Services Librarian B.A. Art History from UC Davis

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On the Same Page:

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  1. On the Same Page: What Librarians and Faculty Can Learn From Each Other

  2. Who We Are • Linda Reeves, Public Services Librarian • M.A. English, Ball State University • M.L.I.S. from University of Texas at Austin • Renata Gibson, Public Services Librarian • B.A. Art History from UC Davis • M.S.I.S. from UT Austin • Nancy Kaida, Public Services Librarian • M.S.I.S. from UNT Denton • M.B.A. from Sul Ross State University (in progress)

  3. Brief outline of presentation • Think/Pair/Share • Why we need to collaborate • How we connect • Successful collaborations • What we learn from each other • Ideas for the future • Questions & Raffle

  4. Who are you? A Librarians? B Faculty? C Administrators? D IT? E Others?

  5. Think/Pair/Share • How is library instruction handled at your college? • What opportunities are there for librarians and classroom faculty to work together? • Ideas for future collaborations?

  6. Librarians’ Instructional Role “As the importance of information literacy grows within the academy, so does the importance of the role of librarians as integral members of the teaching and learning mission of the college and university.” Joyce Lindstrom and Diana D. Shonrock, “Faculty-Librarian Collaboration to Achieve Integration of Information Literacy”

  7. Library Classes at Your College? (Think/Pair/Share) A Information literacy course? B Information literacy integrated into course? C Single session requested by faculty? D Online tutorial like TILT? E Other?

  8. Challenges for Librarian-Teachers • Constraints of the “one-shot” model • Today’s students • Becoming a blended librarian, which combines • information technology • librarianship, focus on student-centered service • instructional design Steven Bell & John Shank, “The Blended Librarian”

  9. Favored Campus Pedagogies • Active learning • Collaborative learning • Critical thinking • Problem-based learning • Other favorite methods

  10. How do You Learn New Teaching Methods? A Campus faculty development B Center for Teaching Excellence C Brown bag discussions D Online workshops E Conferences F Peer observation & evaluation G Other ways?

  11. What Librarians Learn From Faculty • Current pedagogies • Latest developments in their disciplines • Faculty members’ research interests • Holes in library collection • Trends in student research assignments • Problems with student research • Technologies they are using

  12. What Faculty Learn from Librarians • Integrating information literacy • Research FAQs • Library holdings in their disciplines • Databases in their subject areas • Librarian disciplinary expertise • Advanced searching strategies • Emerging technologies

  13. Different Cultures • Specialists / Generalists • Lone scholar / Public service • “In a climate of rapidly expanding information horizons, successful teaching and learning in higher education depends upon building strong collaborative relationships.” Elizabeth O. Hutchins, “Building Strong Collaborative Relationships with Disciplinary Faculty”

  14. Campus Involvement • Faculty Development • Librarians represented on: • Faculty Senate • Committees: • Writing Across the Curriculum • Critical Thinking • Collaborative Learning • Academic Integrity • Distance Education • Ad Hoc Committees

  15. NVC Collaborations • Student Development Course • Freshman English • Fall Workshop for New Faculty • Online Adjunct Orientation (WebQuest)

  16. New Faculty Workshop

  17. NVC Online Class Collaboration • Collaborate with Online DE Coordinators • Work group action plan for library services • Online Curriculum Enrichment • Embedded Librarian • Host a chat • Bulletin board • E-mail reference • IM a librarian

  18. NVC Portal

  19. NVC WebCT (Embedded Librarian)

  20. Opportunites on the Web • 5 Weeks to a Social Library - http://www.sociallibraries.com/course/ • Social Software Technologies • blogs, rss, wikis, Flickr, Second Life • Networking • webcasts, online chats • PbWiki

  21. Our PbWiki

  22. PbWiki Calendar

  23. Collaboration with Wikis • Class wikis with embedded librarian • Guides and tutorials • Collaborative writing

  24. Librarian/Faculty Collaboration… • Enhances class and department objectives for information literacy • Generates guides/tutorials that match the library’s collection • Creates comprehensive research skills that can be applied broadly

  25. Opportunities to Get Together?(Think/Pair Share) A Faculty development sessions, meetings B Center for Teaching Excellence C Planning sessions: research assignment, library class D Online courses E Library liaisons to disciplines

  26. Ideas for Future Collaborations?(Think/Pair/Share)

  27. Questions?

  28. And the lucky winner is…..

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