iso 9000 international organisational of standardisation n.
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ISO 9000 International Organisational of Standardisation

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ISO 9000 International Organisational of Standardisation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ISO 9000 International Organisational of Standardisation. By Huu , Aleks , Ashlee, Luke Group L.A.N.A.

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iso 9000 international organisational of standardisation

ISO 9000International Organisational of Standardisation

By Huu, Aleks, Ashlee, Luke

Group L.A.N.A


The ISO 9000 Series of standards is a document management system which may be aimed at gaining a third party certification with an organisation such as Standards Australia. The ISO 9000 standards establish requirements for the quality systems of companies. They do not refer to technical specifications of products but instead to the systems that produce the products, providing confidence that the products consistently meet the specifications.


The ISO 9000 standard is used in order to promote development of standardisation to facilitate international exchange of goods and services and promote cooperation in intellectual, scientific, technological, and economic activity.

origins history

ISO 9000 standards were first published in 1987 by the International Organisation for standardisation (ISO), and where created for the existing standards of military equipment , nuclear power plant regulations, medical device manufacturers regulations plus many other British and Candia organisation regulations.


ISO 9000 is built on an ethos of inspections. It is a reminder of the standards origins. During the second world war, if you wanted to supply the British ministry of defense with munitions, you had to be registered to a standard from which ISO 9000 was derived. The purpose was to prevent accidents in munitions factories and the method was to insist on all procedures being documented and independently for a so –called quality community to have done. One might have thought they would first test its fitness for purpose.

behind the establishment
Behind the establishment
  • ISO 9000 was established to serve as a guide in the development and functioning of commercial quality management systems. ISO 900 is used to guide the development of a stable management process, which in turn, leads to identification of areas requiring increased control. The ISO 9000 standards are maintained and updated by the International organisational of standardisation (ISO).

ISO 9000, ISO 9000-3, ISO 9004, ISO 9004-2 guidelines that are used to understand how to develop a quality management system

  • ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003, standards that organisations use to audit and asses their quality management systems.