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ME MAP. By Amy McKay. September 6, 2005 . What I Like:.

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By Amy McKay

September 6, 2005

what i like
What I Like:
  • Being outdoors is what I enjoy, especially in the mountains, where I can climb steep peaks, hike along river beds, compete in sports such as tennis and basketball, and witness the beauty of nature and incredible animals reveal themselves around me. Life is too short, and the world is too amazing to pass the days away indoors. Whether there is a snow storm, a thunder shower, harsh winds, or scorching hot summer days, you can be sure to find me making the best of each moment outside!
what i dislike
What I Dislike:
  • I absolutely, positively loathe being sick. I appreciate being able to live an active, healthy lifestyle. When I am shut up indoors, and confined to staying in my bed, I feel very upset. I do not want the world to spin, and the day or days to go by without being able to experience the freshness and creation of a new day.
what i look like
What I Look Like:
  • In my eyes, I consider myself to be average, and rather plain in looks. You will not find me in make-up, with my hair all curled, and wearing a dress, unless you stumble across a picture of me as a little girl, when my Mom made the decision of how I should look on picture day, or at church. I have auburn colored hair that glistens like a copper penny in the bright sun. My eyes are almost the same color as my hair, but more brown. I am very petite in size, and will never be taller than five feet one inch, unless of course I cheat and wear platform shoes!
how i act
How I Act:
  • Some say I behave quietly and reserved, others say that I am very outgoing, athletic, and silly, while still others say that I act very mature and intelligently. I would like to believe that all of these descriptions of me are correct depending on the situation, and place that I am located. For example, when I am around my friends or family, I can be very outgoing, silly and imaginative. Such as the time when my brother and I were told to do the dishes as children, we would pretend we were the servants of a terrible king in his dark cold castle, and that we had a time limit to get all of the dishes washed before he came to banish us from the country. I believe we were able to wash piles of dishes in record time, and I promise you, they were spotless! We would make even the most awful, yucky task a fun memorable moment. However, when I am at school, I can present myself as a mature and intelligent individual, with a serving of silliness and imagination on the side. A great instance of this is during class assignments such as writing. I can get to work, and behave myself, and pay attention to the teacher, but I can also allow my imagination to run wild while my pencil explores lands and creatures and dreams it has never witnessed, yes, all of this can be done during class!
what you should know about me
What You Should Know About Me:
  • Very important information about me that everyone should know is thatI love to be happy. There are hundreds of ways to achieve this emotion within me, for instance, vacationing with my family from the coast to the mountains of North Carolina, being with my boyfriend as we conquer great heights, and enjoying all that life throws at us, or of course, chatting away with my friends. I am the third child of four. I have an older sister and brother and a younger brother. All of us get along wonderfully! If I am alone I am most definitely listening to music and singing my heart away, (maybe not always hitting each note, but enjoying the song nonetheless!) If anyone chooses to play a sport against me, I warn you now, I am a very competitive person, and will definitely do my best to come out on top. However, if I lose, do not fret, I do lose gracefully. Last, but certainly not least, I live my life on strong morals; my faith makes me the complete person that I am.