staff meeting june 18 th 2013 n.
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Staff Meeting June 18 th , 2013

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Staff Meeting June 18 th , 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Staff Meeting June 18 th , 2013. CHANGE Social Media Hourly Grids?. First…mandatory. Yearly Shelter-in-Place & Fire Drill. What’s that Light at the End of the Tunnel?. MKX Staff Meeting January 8, 2013.

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staff meeting june 18 th 2013
Staff Meeting June 18th, 2013
  • Social Media
  • Hourly Grids?
first mandatory
  • Yearly Shelter-in-Place & Fire Drill.
what s that light at the end of the tunnel
What’s that Light at the End of the Tunnel?

MKX Staff Meeting

January 8, 2013

new head of doc head of noaa noaa coo head of nws cr director when will we know more
New:Head of DOC Head of NOAA NOAA COOHead of NWS CR DirectorWhen will we know more







napa study
NAPA Study


“Oncethe NWS and partners determine the outcomes they seek...

clarify the capabilities and capacities of all participants…

and commit to meeting these shared goals,

thenthe NWS can decide how to align the resources of the organization…

napa moving towards more idss
NAPA…Moving towards more IDSS
  • Vision…forecaster of the future = interactive, understands how people consume information…and helps guide them in understanding our info.
  • Moving the workforce into this new approach will require…a culture shift that most managers and employees acknowledge will be a major challenge... (Page 43)
  • The Panel finds that the promise of a Weather-Ready Nation is in jeopardy without the right investment in communication skills and relationship building to deliver the concept effectively. (Page 44)
napa leadership
  • Achieving the vision of a Weather-Ready Nation will require strong leadership.
  • The NWS faces daunting challenges in preparing the leadership cadre it will need to achieve its vision of a Weather-Ready Nation. (Page 46)
napa labor management relationships
NAPA…Labor-Management Relationships
  • From the regional and local perspectives, management and NWSEO appear to be fairly satisfied…
  • At the national level…the relationship strains when discussing potential changes to the organization and/or operations that may impact the workforce…This has affected the perception of labor management relations far beyond those at the negotiation table. (Page 47)
  • The NWS needs to re-frame the labor-management relationship starting at the national level. (Page 48)
napa local emergency managers focus group summary
NAPA…Local Emergency Managers Focus Group Summary
  • …extremely complimentary of the products and services they receive from the NWS. (Page 101)
  • …overwhelmingly local EMs deal with the Warning Coordination Meteorologist, the Meteorologist-in-Charge, and the forecasters on duty.
  • …overwhelmingly agreed that the current arrangement of WFOs works.
  • They are worried that the next step is for NWS to reduce services the EMs see as vital to their decision making processes. With a reduction in resources, local EMs are worried about possible future consolidation of offices.
napa change
  • The Panel finds that investing in change has great potential to strengthen the effectiveness and operational efficiency of the NWS. (Page 76)
  • To facilitate additional and ongoing change the Panel recommends that the NWS, in conjunction with its partners, develop a process and structure to guide significant organizational and operational changes. (Page 80)
reminder from napa study
Reminder from NAPA Study
  • Oncethe NWS and partners
  • determine the outcomes they seek...
  • clarify their capabilities…
  • commit to shared goals…
  • then the NWS can decide how to align the resources of the organization…
local office team lot meeting
  • Social Media
  • Hourly Grids
08i i informative interpretive
08I (I = Informative/Interpretive)
  • Rationale: Role as forecasters evolving not dissolving
  • Consolidate grid work to one forecaster *
  • Build the “bigger bang for the buck” customer driven activities into this new position
  • Replaces 08F shift

* Flex Grids as needed in more complex situations with 08I, Intern or RD

day shift
Day Shift



Days 2 – 7 grids -> little if any editing?


AFD (days 2-7)

06/14 grids/AFD for first 2 periods?



  • Top News
  • IDSS
  • RWS
  • HWO
  • Screenr
  • Social Media
  • Assist 08A/06/14 as needed with any short term grid edits