Opengl es siggraph 2006
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OpenGL ES SIGGRAPH 2006. Neil Trevett Vice President Embedded Content, NVIDIA President, Khronos. OpenGL ES BOF Agenda. Khronos - Creating Open Standards. Open Membership Any company is welcome Funded by membership dues - $5K / year. Open Standards Publicly available on web-site Royalty-free.

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Opengl es siggraph 2006


Neil TrevettVice President Embedded Content, NVIDIAPresident, Khronos

Khronos creating open standards
Khronos - Creating Open Standards

Open MembershipAny company is welcomeFunded by membership dues - $5K / year

Open StandardsPublicly available on web-siteRoyalty-free

Open Standards for Media Authoring and Acceleration

Khronos has a PROVEN reputation for the TIMELY creation of HIGH-QUALITY, ROYALTY-FREE standards

Khronos news siggraph 2006

OpenGL ARB has voted to pass control of OpenGL to Khronos standards

OpenGL 2.1 specification released here at SIGGRAPH

gDEBugger Academic Program – free OpenGL tools for academia

Khronos membership close to 120 – Apple, Google, Dell and S3 join

All active members of OpenGL ARB have joined / joining

Intel and Samsung have seats on Board of Promoters – Apple will soon

Khronos now driving dynamic media standards for embedded and desktop

COLLADA gains strong Momentum since joining Khronos one year ago

Used by all major authoring tools as 3D asset exchange standard

Adopted as an import format by Google Earth

Essential to OpenGL and OpenGL ES for FX Framework and authoring

Defining a complete native API set for handheld media applications

Like DirectX for cell phones – except cross-platform and an open standard

Gaining strong support from Wireless Operators – Vodafone joins Khronos

Includes OpenGL ES for 2D/3D graphics

Khronos News – SIGGRAPH 2006

Khronos dynamic media ecosystem

2D/3D standards

Vector 2D

Streaming Media

Enhanced Audio

Khronos Dynamic Media Ecosystem

Cross-platform graphics authoring/acceleration Ecosystem

Cross platform 2D/3D

Dynamic Media Authoring

3D Authoring

Dynamic Media Authoring Standards

Embedded Media Acceleration APIs

“DirectX-like” set of native APIsIncludes mixed media acceleration and OS portability APIs

Opengl in khronos
OpenGL in Khronos standards

  • Can synergize resources and outreach

    • Common Conformance tests, marketing and web-site, tool chains etc.

  • API collaboration

    • OpenGL, OpenGL ES, COLLADA, OpenKODE (EGL and debugging), OpenVG

  • OpenGL and OpenGL ES Working Groups will remain independent

    • Both groups will be able to make decisions that best serve their own markets

    • OpenGL Working Group for desktop graphics

    • OpenGL ES Working Group for embedded graphics

Next Generation architectural firepower

Embedded Markets

Integrated Authoring and Effects Framework

Desktop Markets

Market feedback on streamlining functionality

Momentum - hundreds of millions of OpenGL ES devices

Opengl roadmap synergy
OpenGL Roadmap Synergy standards

  • OpenGL is now foundation of coherent family of market-focused APIs

    • Strong roadmap synergy between OpenGL, OpenGL ES and COLLADA

  • “OpenGL 3.0” could use OpenGL ES 2.0 design for lean and mean core

    • Add nexgen performance, shaders (geometry, sample, uniforms), tool integration, object model

  • Both APIs can share same conformance test foundation

    • Significant recent investment in OpenGL ES conformance tests by Khronos

“OpenGL ES 3.0”Streamlining next generation functionality for embedded markets

OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0Functional Streamlining

OpenGL 1.5/2.0Architectural Foundation

“OpenGL 3.0”Next generation functionality starting with OpenGL ES 2.0 streamlined core

Inter-generational Roadmap Synergy

Opengl 2 1 released at siggraph
OpenGL 2.1 Released at SIGGRAPH standards

  • Enhancements to OpenGL’s advanced programmable pipeline

    • Backwards compatible with all previous versions of OpenGL

    • All applications will continue to work with no modifications

  • Pixel Buffer Objects

    • Fast texture and pixel copies between frame buffer and buffer objects in GPU memory

  • Texture images specified in standard sRGB color space

    • Enhanced application color management flexibility

  • Increase the flexibility of shader programming

    • Non-square matrix support

    • Support for arrays as first-class objects

    • Fragment position query in shaders using Point Sprites

    • Invariant attribute for variables to enhance shader code reliability

Opengl sc safety critical
OpenGL SC – Safety Critical standards

  • Super small subset of OpenGL for safety critical applications

    • Enables safety certification for markets such as avionics displays – e.g. DO-178B

OpenGL SC removes functionality not needed in cockpit displays: format conversions and color manipulations, blending combinations etc.

OpenGL SC includes functionality needed by legacy applications in this specialized market: display lists

Opengl sc status
OpenGL SC Status standards

OpenGL SC 1.1Design

Conformance Tests Public Release

OpenGL SC 1.0Released July 05