Color harmonization acm siggraph 2006
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Color Harmonization ? ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Color Harmonization - ACM SIGGRAPH 2006. Speaker :李沃若. Authors. Daniel Cohen-Or Tel-Aviv University Volume graphics Visualization of large environments Shape modeling Image and surface manipulation. Authors. Olga Sorkine Tel-Aviv University

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Color harmonization acm siggraph 2006

Color Harmonization-ACM SIGGRAPH 2006



  • Daniel Cohen-Or

    • Tel-Aviv University

    • Volume graphics

    • Visualization of large environments

    • Shape modeling

    • Image and surface manipulation


  • Olga Sorkine

    • Tel-Aviv University

    • Student of Daniel Cohen-Or

    • Computer Graphics

  • Ran Gal


  • Ran Gal

    • Tel-Aviv University

    • Student of Daniel Cohen-Or

    • Computer Graphics and Vision

    • Work for Microsoft Corporation on the new XBOX 360


  • Ying-Qing Xu

    • Visual Computing Group, Microsoft Research Asia

    • Learning based digital facial cartoon generation

    • Computer animation

Relative paper
Relative Paper

  • Understanding Color. [Holtzschue 2002]

  • Color design support system considering color harmony. [Tokumaru et al. 2002]

  • Color Index: Over 1,100 Color Combinations, CMYK and RGB Formulas, for Print and Web Media. [Krause 2002]


  • Harmonic colors are sets of colors that are aesthetically pleasing in terms of human visual perception.

  • Finds the best harmonic scheme for the image colors.

Color wheel
Color Wheel

  • Describe the color distribution

  • Use HSV color space

    • H:0~360(hue)

    • S:0~1 (saturation)

    • V:0~1 (value)

Harmonic templates
Harmonic templates

  • Sum up from experience

Harmonic schemes
Harmonic Schemes

  • Fit a harmonic template T to the hue histogram of the image.

  • Determine color shift direction.

  • Shift of color.

Fit a template
Fit a template

  • Fine αand a template that minimize the function:



The least distant of hue between point and template

Saturation of p

Color shift
Color shift

  • C(p) : the central hue of the sector associated with pixel p

  • w : the arc-width of the template sector

  • :normalized Gaussian function


  • “splitting” of a contiguous region of the image

Add region segmentation
Add Region Segmentation

  • Fine the optimal label assignment minimizes the energy:

Pixel’s label

Hue distant to

assign edge

color coherence between neighboring pixels assigned to

the same label.

Min cut max flow
Min-cut / max-flow

Function can be turned

into min-cut/max-flow


Energies turn into the

cost of road.

Details see

[Boykov and Jolly 2001].


  • BOYKOV, Y., AND JOLLY, M.-P. 2001. Interactive graph cuts for optimal boundary and region segmentation of objects in N-D images. In Proceedings of ICCV, 105–112.


  • MOROVIC, J., AND LUO, M. R. 2001. The fundamentals of gamut mapping: A survey. Journal of Imaging Science and Technology 45, 3, 283–290.

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