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January PTO. Lunch News. Individual Passes – Grade Level Quiet Rooms Individual Passes – Library and Computer Lab Orderly dismissal at mid-point from 7/8 lunch Orderly dismissal from 6 th grade lunch at 11:45 @11:45 Cafeteria becomes quiet setting for reading and study.

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Lunch news

Lunch News

Individual Passes – Grade Level Quiet Rooms

Individual Passes – Library and Computer Lab

Orderly dismissal at mid-point from 7/8 lunch

Orderly dismissal from 6th grade lunch at 11:45

@11:45 Cafeteria becomes quiet setting

for readingand study

Club news all grades 1 29 15

Club News – All Grades 1/29/15

New clubs include:


Forensics (Public Speaking)



Writing/writers journal


Walking/fitness (Spring 2014)

Chess (dependent upon interest)

TED conference (Video Forums)

Ski Club – After school in conjunction with YMCA

Sport Games TBD

Technology news

Technology News

iPads – 2 Class sets

Laptops – 3 Class sets

Allows for writing labs in each of our English Classes and more

Course requirements review 7 th and 8 th grade english social studies math and science
Course RequirementsReview 7th and 8th Grade English, Social Studies, Math, and Science

January pto

Grade 7 English

Two Courses


Assumes a passing grade in sixth grade English

Accelerated English Students must have 2 of the following:

  • A “93“average in sixth grade English at the end of the 3rd Marking Period

  • Earns a “passing” score on the reading comprehension/mechanics & grammar assessment

  • Earns a “passing” score on the writing assessment

January pto

Grade 8 English

Two Courses


Accelerated English

For Eighth Grade Acc. English students must have 2 of the following:

90 average in seventh grade Acc. English or 93 in regular seventh grade English

A “passing” score on the reading comprehension/mechanics & grammar assessment taken later in the year

Recommendation from his/her seventh grade English teacher.

This recommendation is based on the student’s demonstrated ability in all of the following areas: a. Writing b. Critical Thinking c. Effort and commitment to go beyond simply what is required

Social studies single course of studies
Social StudiesSingle Course of Studies

Grade 7 Social Studies

Grade 8 Social Studies

Grade seven math three courses
Grade Seven MathThree Courses

Pre-Algebra A (Completes Pre-Algebra in two years)

Assumes successful completion of Everyday Mathematics in sixth grade

Pre-Algebra (Completes Pre-Algebra in one year)

Shows proficient on NJ ASK Math Assessment

Earns a “B+” or better final average

Earns a qualifying Score on Algebra Readiness Test


Earns a high level of achievement in sixth grade Pre-Algebra

Grade eight math three courses
Grade Eight MathThree Courses

Pre-Algebra B (Completes the second year of two year class)

Assumes Successful completion of Pre-Algebra A


Successful completion of the single year Pre-Algebra course

Teacher recommendation


High level of achievement in seventh grade Algebra

Teacher recommendation

Grade seven science single course of studies
Grade Seven ScienceSingle Course of Studies

Life Science for all students

Grade eight science two courses
Grade Eight ScienceTwo Courses

Foundations of Earth Science

Assumes successful completion of Seventh Grade Life Science

Advanced Concepts of Earth Science- All of the following are required

Student will enter Algebra or Geometry in eighth grade

An “A” final average in Seventh Grade Life Science

A passing score on the two part Qualifying Test

All students take both parts of the test. Only those students who score a passing grade on part one will be scored on part two.

Appropriate Teacher Recommendation

9 th grade
9th Grade?

8th Grade Parent Night

At Governor Livingston

January 13, 2014

7:30 P.M.

Introduction to Program of Studies

And Course Guide

9 th grade1
9th Grade?

Parents and students will meet with counselors at CMS during the week of February 10th.

Information regarding appointment time, course choice, teacher recommendations, electives, and individual meetings will be sent home later this month.