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King Saud University College of Engineering Electrical Engineering High Voltage Laboratory PowerPoint Presentation
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King Saud University College of Engineering Electrical Engineering High Voltage Laboratory

King Saud University College of Engineering Electrical Engineering High Voltage Laboratory

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King Saud University College of Engineering Electrical Engineering High Voltage Laboratory

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  1. King Saud University College of Engineering Electrical Engineering High Voltage Laboratory بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  2. BASIC FACILITIES , EXPERIENCE ANDINTERACTION WITH LOCAL INDUSTRY King Saud University College of Engineering Electrical Engineering High Voltage Laboratory

  3. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT (over 50 faculty members) Communication Group B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D Programs Electrical Power and Machine Group Control Group Electronics group

  4. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT (over 50 faculty members) Power System (12PhDs) Electrical machines and Power Electronics (10PhDs) Power Group High Voltage (7PhDs)

  5. Areas of Expertise • High voltage, • Insulation, • High voltage testing, • Power system planning, stability, reliability, operation and control, • Power System protection, • Power electronics, • Electrical machines and drives.

  6. Vast professional , diagnostics and measurement experience • Authored several text and reference books High Voltage Group Vast teaching, research & development, consulting , industrial, consulting Experience Published extensively in international Journals & Conferences

  7. Test Facilities and EquipmentMain High-Voltage Hall

  8. Features of KSU HV LAB • It is a well designed and best equipped high voltage lab in an academic institute in the country. • The High Voltage Lab Complex consists of several labs having a variety of high voltage engineering related experimental and testing facilities. • These are used extensively for the research and development, education, testing and diagnostics. • Beside the test equipment, the High Voltage Group has vast practical expertise to use the equipment for different applications and interpret the results in a professional and competent manner.

  9. 1 2 3 Strong cooperation with national industry Strong cooperation with Saudi ARAMCO Chair in Electrical Power Been proving testing services to local industry for about 30 years. THE LAB HAS

  10. Short Courses R&D Projects Equipment testing • Workshops HV Laboratory Strong cooperation with national industry and offers



  13. Main Test Hall of H.V. Lab. • Main test hall Dimensions: 18m×18m×15m. • Loading/unloading facility: 5 ton overhead crane • A galvanized steel mesh makes a perfect Faraday Cage • Attenuation of the EMI signals, in the frequency range of 0.1 MHz to 1.0 MHz in the test hall, is around ~ 40 dB • It is equipped with a variety of test equipment

  14. In Addition To Main Test Hall, The H.V.Lab Complex has: • The Cable Insulation Research, Aging and Testing Lab for Polymeric Cables • Liquid and Film Insulations Research and Testing Lab • Senior Students and Research Projects Lab • All of these labs are also well equipped with suitable measuring and test equipments. • All of these facilities have multiple uses of education, research and testing.

  15. Equipments in Main Test Hall Single Phase, 300 kV, 300 kVA 60 Hz, AC testing Transformer Impulse Generator, 1000 kV, 40 kJ along with voltage divider and DIMS

  16. Equipments in Main Test Hall Single Phase, 200 kV, 20 kVA 60 Hz, AC testing Transformer 300kV Water termination system

  17. Equipment in Main Test Hall • 500kV Reference Capacitive divider • 200 kV, Schering Bridge for Tan delta and capacitance measurement • 3000 Amps., 30 kVA, High Current Source • DC Power Supplies up to ±200 kV • Artificial Rain Generating Equipment for wet tests • Online PD measuring System

  18. Equipment in Main Test Hall • Pairs of Deionized Water terminations rated 120 kV & 300 kV • Deionized water Conditioning unit • A Pair of oil terminations rated 100 kV • MWB High Voltage Test kit consisting of 140 kV rated components • VLF testing system and tan delta measuring equipment.

  19. Equipment in Adjunct Labs 1/2 • Cable Fault Locating Equipment • 3000 Amps., 45 kVA, High Current Source • 3- Phase, 60 Hz, 50 kV, AC testing transformer • Single Phase, 100 kV, 100 kVA ,60 Hz, AC testing Transformer • Vacuum Test Chamber • Digital camera operated stereo microscope, with color monitor, video printer and computer for measurements and recording of microscopic and treeing images.

  20. Other Equipments 2/2 • Environmental camber of 6 ft3 capacity and 0 ~ 150 oC. • 90 kV auto oil tester • Precision cable cutting machine for insulation slicing • Precision measuring bridge for Tan delta and capacitance measurements at 2 kV for oil, insulating liquids and thin film insulation testing • Earth resistivity tomography equipment • Shadowgraph for research in liquid insulation

  21. Short Courses and Workshops • Aim at providing up-to-date information in various system related topics • Designed to educate and train industry staff on topics of interest • Time duration can vary from 1 day to one week or as desired by the client or subject

  22. EXAMPLES OF SHORT COURSES OFFERED BY HIGH VOLTAGE GROUP • Electrical Insulation in Power Systems • High Voltage Measurements, Diagnostics and Testing • Grounding in Power Systems • Performance and Diagnostics of MV Cables and Their Accessories • Surges in Power Systems • High Voltage Insulation Failures • Polymeric Cables and Their Accessories • Many other courses have been offered and can be offered

  23. Technical/Investigative Studies: Examples 1/3 • Study of Failure Mechanisms of Polymeric Insulated Cable Systems • Performance of Polymeric Insulators under Saudi Climate • Performance of GIS and GIS/Cable Terminations • Water treeing in XLPE Cables

  24. Some Technical Studies 2/3 • Study of Failure of High Voltage Capacitor Bank in SEC-WOA System • Causes of Failures of Pole Mounted Transformers in SEC-SOA region • Causes of Failures of Polymeric Cable’s Accessories • Ground Resistance Testing in SEC-SOA

  25. Some Technical Studies 3/3 • Design, production and long term testing of medium voltage polymeric water tight cables • Methods for diagnostics and on line testing of power cables • Life estimation of polymeric cables • Factors affecting the performance of cable’s joints

  26. 1 2 3 5 6 4 KACST funded projects Research Projects SABIC funded projects University funded projects College funded projects Local industry funded Local industry contacts

  27. 1 KACST funded projects • EMI from power lines • Effect of sand/ dust pollution on air insulation and protective gaps • Failures of polymeric cables and accessories • Losses in electrical networks of SEC • Study of joints for polymeric cables

  28. 2 Other Funded Projects • Design and long term testing of water impervious cables -- Funded by KACST, SEC and Riyadh Cables • Grounding and bonding procedures in distribution networks -- Contract with SEC • Grounding procedures in telecom facilities -- Contract with STC • Causes of failures of distribution transformers -- Contract with UTEC

  29. SABIC Funded Projects 1/2 • Environmentally induced degradation of insulating polymers produced in Saudi Arabia • The Suitability of Polymeric Insulators in Saudi Arabian Environment • Design and implementation of shadow graphic system for research in liquid insulation • Surface discharges in composite insulations under oil with additives

  30. SABIC Funded Projects 2/2 • Optical and electrical investigations of polymeric sheets produced by SABIC for High Voltage applications • Impact of additives on paper/oil insulation for cables • Effect of conductor micro irregularities in liquid insulations

  31. Projects Funded By KSU • Electrical treeing degradation of polymers due to high stress • Studied locally produced insulations • Developed an online computer based system which helped in understanding how cables fail under stress when some defects are present

  32. Projects Funded By College Of Engineering • Impact of dust film on performance of multiple electrode protective rod gaps installed on transformer bushings • Development of transformer oil using Saudi distillate cuts • Barrier effects in air insulation

  33. Alojaimi, Babtain Riyadh Cables and Others ABB UTEC Industry SAUDI CABLES SEC MOEW, MOHE and MOD Studies Undertaken for:

  34. Distribution & Power Transformers Text Type Test and Special Tests Text Cables & Cable Accessories Text As per international standards EQUIPMENT TESTING Indoor/Outdoor Insulators Fuses & Surge Arresters Fuses & Surge Arresters Grounding Electrodes, earth resistivity Metal Clad Switchgear & Panel Boards

  35. Manufacturers/Users • Saudi Transformer Co., WESCOSA, United Transformers, Arabian Transformers, ABB • Riyadh Cables, Jeddah Cables, Saudi Cables, Gulf Cables (Kuwait), Alfanar, Bahra Cables, Swedi Cables, • ABB, SCHNEIDER, RFPB , Alojami and many others • Local contractors and equipment importers • SEC, ARAMCO, and other regional utilities, contractors and manufacturers and users in neighboring countries such as UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Kenya, Jordan and others.

  36. Test Witnessing and Test Reports • Lab allows witnessing of the tests by client as well as his customer and consultants, etc • All results are properly documented • For every test a proper test report is issued. • Test reports issued by the lab are accepted by all concerned. • The number of test reports issued during 2010 was 50.

  37. Other Interactive Activities • Third-Party Arbitration • R&D Projects • Technical Consultations • Investigative studies • Third party test witnessing

  38. Some commercial testing photos

  39. 20MVA Power Transformer Under Impulse Test

  40. Medium Voltage switchgear under test

  41. Transformer failure Investigation

  42. Conclusions • High voltage group has a broad range of expertise in various areas • High voltage lab is well equipped for a variety of testing and diagnostic applications • Lab staff is highly qualified and competent and have a very broad range of expertise • These facilities have been used extensively as a collaboration with national industries in a variety of means Excellent potential exist for cooperation with Saudi Electricity Company.

  43. Thanks for your kind attention