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National stock exchange PowerPoint Presentation
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National stock exchange

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National stock exchange - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nifty is the Index of Indian share market on NSE (National Stock exchange) like Sensex on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

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National stock exchange

Nifty is the Index of Indian share market on NSE (National Stock exchange) like Sensex on

BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). Trading is done on Nifty contract which is also called as

Nifty future derivative. Bank portfolios and index fund is measured by using Nifty index

which is based on derivatives. In the stock market of the Indian economy, the nifty index is

such an index which represents 50 stocks, spanning 21 sectors. The nifty is managed and

owned by the Indian Services and products limited. Between CRISIL and NSE, joint venture

has been started. IISL is the only company who employ Nifty as the principle product. Other

than this company no other company employs Nifty. To evaluate the overall performance of

the nation's stock market, to benchmark the index funds and index based derivative, Nifty is

used most widely over the time.

In the stock market of the Indian economy, one of the leading indexes is Nifty. Nifty

derivative movement is based on Nifty index. In stock market language it is called as

"underlying of Nifty future contract is S&P CNX NIFTY Index." It is also the prime index of

the National stock exchange. Just like the Sensex, Nifty used the free float market

capitalisation weighted index method. About 60%of the total market capitalization is

represented by the S& P CNX Nifty index stocks of the National stock exchange. In which S

stands for Standard and P stand for Poor. Full market capitalisation has been used by the

index by assigning weight to different constitutes, from its conception.

On the basis of free float methodology computation of index is done since 26th June, 2009.

About thirty three percent weightage in the index is of the top four companies of India. These

companies are Larsen and Toubro, Infosys technologies, Reliance industries and ICICI bank.

It can also be said that top eight script owns the half weightage in the Nifty which is

accounted in it. 1000 is the base valued of index which is set by the National Stock

Exchange. The base capital is of 2.06 trillion.

Nifty is very simplified tool. It helps the investors and ordinary people also at the same time.

It also helps to understand that what is happening in the stock market and the economy of our

country. If the index soars high, it is a signal that companies in India are performing well and

as a result, the contrary is doing well. Upon solid economic research the Nifty index is based.

Its pioneering effort is internationally considered and respected. It is very simple

understanding of complex technicalities of the market.

In terms of trades in the capital market, this index is the third largest stock exchange in the

world in the stock market. Computation and maintenance of Nifty index is done by NSE.

The NSE has a market capitalization of around 7,262,507 crore (US$ 1,648.59 billion). It has

recorded the growth of 116.6% and is the second largest growing stock exchange in the