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please make your new vocabulary chart n.
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Please make your new vocabulary chart PowerPoint Presentation
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Please make your new vocabulary chart

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Please make your new vocabulary chart
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Please make your new vocabulary chart

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  1. Please make your new vocabulary chart • decisions • gruff • stubborn • awful (This is a one day story)

  2. Title: The Ant and the BearReading Goal: CharacterizationTeam Cooperation Goal: Everyone ParticipatesGenre: Pourquoi taleAuthor: Chief Lelooska

  3. Pourquoi Tale Pourquoi tales explain how things in nature came to be. Often they are handed down from parents to children until they are finally written down.

  4. Before making decisions, it is best to have all the information you can find. decisions: choices

  5. When Grandfather wakes up in the morning, his voice is always gruff. gruff: Rough, scratchy

  6. Pearl is very stubborn when we play games, and everyone must play by her rules or go home. stubborn: Strong willed

  7. My little brother ate the mud pie he made and said it tasted awful. awful: terrible

  8. Reading Goal: Characterization What kind of character is Carl? How the author creates characters through their actions, their thoughts, and what they say. This is a good skill to have in real life to because we can better understand people by paying attention to what they say and do.

  9. Frederick was different from the other kids at his school. He didn’t like sports. He didn’t like watching television. He didn’t really talk a lot to the other kinds, even when they asked him questions. Usually Frederick would say “yes” or “no” if somebody asked him something, and that was all. Frederick was always looking at things. He would stare at a plant or a cloud or a bird like there was nothing else in the world. Once on the playground a soccer ball got away from some kids and hit Frederick while he was staring at a big shiny bottle on a fence post. Frederick didn’t even move. In art class that day, Ms. Thompson asked everyone to draw something from memory. “I want you to use only a pencil and try to draw something we don’t have here in front of us. Just picture it in your head and try to draw it.” Many of the students had a hard time making their drawings, and most of them had to tell Ms. Thompson what their drawing was supposed to be. Frederick drew the beetle on the fence post, and it looked real. Ms. Thompson told Frederick he should be very proud, but Frederick was already staring at the pencil sharpener. The next day he brought it in his art homework, and it was a perfect drawing of the pencil sharpener.

  10. Team Talk Let’s preview the questions on page 131of your treasure hunt.

  11. Partner Read 15 minutes • Put 2 sticky notes on words that are new or unfamiliar to you on pages 334-337 • Partner Read p. A:335-336 (paragraph 2) B: 336 (paragraph 3) - 337 • Restate page B:335-336 and A:336-337 • Fill in your story map together • Discuss with team words you clarified • Find vocabulary words

  12. Team Discussion • Pass out Team Discussion Cards • Discuss answers to team talk questions • Write answers to question 1 and 3

  13. Class Discussion • What are some of the words you clarified? • Answer questions 1-4

  14. Adventures in Writing 15 min Treasure hunt page 130

  15. Vocabulary Practice Treasure Hunt Page 131

  16. Fluency5 min Pg 335, paragraphs 1-2