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USM PeopleSoft Conference

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USM PeopleSoft Conference. Successfully Implementing Student Account Creation using Directory Business Interlink, Sign-On PeopleCode and Communications (3 C’s). Presenters. Andy Wolodkin, Database Administrator, Frostburg State University

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usm peoplesoft conference
USM PeopleSoft Conference

Successfully Implementing Student Account Creation using Directory Business Interlink, Sign-On PeopleCode and Communications (3 C’s)


Andy Wolodkin, Database Administrator, Frostburg State University

Heidi Diaz, PeopleSoft Administrative Assistant, Frostburg State University

summary of presentation
Summary of Presentation
  • This presentation will focus on the creation of student accounts using the Directory Business Interlink and Sign-On PeopleCode with Microsoft Active Directory on a Windows 2000 server. Some of the points we will be discussing will include:
  • Setting up the Directory Interlink
  • Customizing Sign-On PeopleCode
  • Setting Up Communication Tables and Extracting Data
  • Designing Communications (to notify students of account information)
  • Creating a Mass Assign Communication
  • Why are communications important?
  • Communications are important so that you can track the times that you have communicated with students.
  • It gives you the ability to give information to a large number of students.
two ways to assign communications
Two Ways to Assign Communications

Mass Change Definition

Mass Communication Assign

advantages of a mass communication assign
Advantages of a Mass Communication Assign
  • It provides more flexibility in what information you can extract from a query. Mass change only provides you with predefined fields.
  • It provides more functionality for areas that traditionally haven’t been able to use Mass Change/Letter Gen ( i.e. HR, Student Records)
disadvantages of a mass communication assign
Disadvantages of a Mass Communication Assign
  • Will not be helpful if you are not familiar with PeopleSoft query.
  • You have to be knowledgeable about the processes in a Mass Communication Assign (not for the inexperienced.)
  • You can’t use it for administrative functions where the variable data is not the same for everyone.
complete ps communication setup
Complete PS Communication Setup

Step 1: Setting Up the Standard Letter Table

Step 2: Setting Up the Communication Context Table

Step 3: Setting Up the Communication Category Table

Step 4: Setting Up the Communication Speedkey Table

Step 5: Attach Communication to a 3 C’s Group

communication process
Communication Process
  • Create a query to identify recipients.
  • Extract data and save to a .csv or.xls file.
  • Create and set up the letter template.
  • Merge the letter with the data extract.
  • Print the letters.
  • Extract the EmplID from the above query output and run that list through the Mass Communication Assign Process.
extracting data from peoplesoft
Extracting Data from PeopleSoft
  • Create a query using Application Designer to pull data from the PS system.
extracting data from peoplesoft cont
Extracting Data from PeopleSoft cont…
  • Run query to download results into a .csv file or an .xls file.
merging the data into the letter
Merging the Data into the Letter
  • Create a letter merge in Microsoft Word. (Tools>Mail Merge)

1. Open the letter template that you created.

2. Open the .csv or .xls file you created by running the query.

3. In the letter, insert the merge fields, which are the placeholders that tell Microsoft Word where to insert data from the data source.

4. Merge the data from the .csv or .xls file into the main document.

5. Each record in the .csv or .xls file produces an individualized letter.

extracting data from peoplesoft cont1
Extracting Data from PeopleSoft cont…
  • Extract Emplids from .csv or Excel file and paste them into a TextPad file.
extracting data from peoplesoft cont2
Extracting Data from PeopleSoft cont…
  • Name the file and save it to an area of your choice.

Home > FSU Customizations > Financial Aid > Process > FSU Mass Communication Mgmt 

checking on communications
Checking on Communications

Build Community>Communications>Use>Communication Management

contact info
Contact Info
  • Andy Wolodkin

  • Heidi Diaz