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Memorable Quotes

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Memorable Quotes
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  1. Memorable Quotes American History X

  2. He's just a boy. Without a father. Doris Vinyard

  3. This racist propaganda, this "Mein Kampf" psychobabble; he learned this nonsense, Murray, and he can unlearn it too. I will not give up on this child yet. Bob Sweeney

  4. Doris, you don't know the world your children are living in. Murray

  5. There's over two million illegal immigrants bending down in this state tonight. This state spend three billion dollars last year on services, on people who had no right to be here in the first place. Derek Vinyard

  6. Are you calling me a blimp, you f***ing democrat! Seth

  7. I think the street would kill you. Your rhetoric and your propaganda aren't gonna save you out there. Bob Sweeney

  8. C'mon man! Get the f*** outta here, man! You think I'm gonna put my neck on the line for some crazy-ass peckerwood? Lamont

  9. Now wait a minute Danny, he's not proud. No, he's a manipulative, self-righteous Uncle Tom who's trying to make you feel guilty about writing about Adolf Hitler. Cameron Alexander

  10. Just remember, in here, you the nigga. Not me. Lamont

  11. And I kept asking myself all the time, how did I buy into this shit? It was because I was pissed off, and nothing I ever did ever took that feeling away. Derek Vinyard

  12. He's one of those proud to be nigger people, I hate those guys. Danny Vinyard

  13. You made the fat kid a little nervous. He thinks the joint messed with your mind. Cameron Alexander

  14. We've taken down the zog machine Jew by Jew by Jew, / The white man marches on! Seth

  15. Nigger, you just f***edwith the wrong bull! Derek Vinyard

  16. Oh, my God! Derek, what are you doing? Stacey

  17. Every night, thousands of these parasites stream across the border like some f***in' piñata exploded. Derek Vinyard

  18. I'm the most dangerous man in this prison. You know why? 'Cause I control the underwear. Lamont

  19. What does this have to do with the murder of your father? Reporter

  20. This is stupid. Go cool off, get laid, do something, come back when you're ready to talk. Cameron Alexander