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Presentation Transcript

50 most memorable quotes

from SXSW 2015


Photo: Marc Wathieu [Flickr]

There were the Internet of Things and

Quantified Self trends but now the Internet of

Body is coming in a few years.

- Ernesto Rodriguez, Hoppe

Photo: Samsung Tomorrow [Flickr]

- Krystine Batcho, Le Moyne College ”

The success of Social Media was rapid and huge because

it disrupted the way that we communicate among us.

Photo: [StockSnap.io]

- AJ Scherbring, Mirum Agency”

Talking about Gamification, I can’t reach 100%

on my Linkedin personal profile.

Photo: [StockSnap.io]

- Paul Tyma, Refresh”

Our time is now so easy to waste. We need to

decide what exactly we want to read online.

Photo: thirtyfootscrew [Flickr]

- Morgan Spurlock, filmmaker, screenwriter ”

Now is the best time to be a video content creator.

Photo: John Feliese [StockSnap.io]

Anonymity in the virtual landscape is much

different than in the real life.

- Jason Cranford Teague, Capital One

Photo: Benjamin Lehman [Flickr]

- Sara Konrath, Indiana University ”

Empathy is like a muscle that needs to be exercised.

Photo: Morgan Session [Unsplash]

If there is a great story you forget about

the camera, stage and filters. There is only

a great storytelling.

- Morgan Spurlock, filmmaker, screenwriter

Photo: Jay Wennington [StockSnap.io]

To touch is to feel.

- Rohit Thawani, TBWAChiatDay

Speaking of haptic technology

Photo: Kalle Gustafsson [Flickr]

- Biz Stone, Super ”

The future of marketing is philanthropy.

Photo: Gates Foundation [Flickr]

Mother at home is like the COO -

Chief Operating Officer.

- Princess Reema, Alfa International

Photo: Vinoth Chandar [Flickr]

I saw a guy on the train watching Gladiator on

his phone. I was so dissapointed!

- Morgan Spurlock, filmmaker, screenwriter

Photo: Jan Vasek [StockSnap.io]

Hypocrisy melts my face off.

- Gary Vaynerchuk, VaynerMedia

Photo: Ryan McGuire [StockSnap.io]

The speed of change is unbelievable.

- Jack Welch , The Jack Welch Management Institute

Speaking of the progress of technology

Photo: Stuart Rankin [Flickr]

We overlooked the impact of UBER

on drinking & driving problem.

- Malcolm Gladwell, journalist

Photo: Digitaltrends

- Rohit Thawani, TBWAChiatDay ”

Speaking of haptic technology

We want to have tools that touch us back.

Photo: Ben Husmann [Flickr]

I think you’ll see some dead unicorns

in Silicon Valley this year.

- Bill Gurley, Benchmark

Speaking of the Next Tech Bubble

Photo: Peter Thoeny [Flickr]

You and your mind can disagree.

- Martine Rothblatt, United Therapeutics

Photo: Ian Iott [Flickr]

We need to be the listeners. Not only use

Social Media platforms to shout and publish.

Less posting in case of likes, more in case of cause.

- Andrew Yee, Biola University

Photo: Elisabetta Foco

You need to be very human to be

successful on the web.

- Pete Cashmore, Mashable

Photo: Kat N.L.M. [Flickr]

This is disruptive in the true

meaning of this word.

- Malcolm Gladwell, journalist

Speaking of Car Sharing trend

Photo: Digitaltrends

The Internet is the most important

creation in my life.

- William Goodall, Student, digital native

Photo: Tony McNeill [Flickr]

- Sydney Polinchock, Student, digital native

Speaking of Social Media apps

I use what my friends use.

- Astro Teller, Google X”

It’s our fail when we don’t fail.

Photo: Roger [Flickr]

- Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed”

If you do the work that matters,

you are an artist.

Photo: Fons Heijnsbroek [Flickr]

- Eric Schmidt, Google”

There are so many problems that can be

technologically solved now.

Photo: Ray Sam [Stocksnap.io]

People don’t mind advertising

if you provide a great content.

- Pete Cashmore, Mashable

Photo: [Flickr]

We must be united. Beliving in the lines

on the globe map is stupid.

- Martine Rothblatt, United Therapeutics

Photo: D B Young [Flickr]

- Logan Green, Lyft”

People today want transportation now.

Photo: Israel Sundseth [StockSnap.io]

I can read 2 books in 2 days so I definitely

can pay attention to things.

- Sydney Polinchock, Student, digital native

Photo: Taylor Leopold [Stocksnap.io]

- Eric Schmidt, Google

I am a utopian.

Photo: Sam Howitz [Flickr]

Never focus on clicks and views.

The main metric is share.

- Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed

Photo: Jim Pennucci [Flickr]

- Astro Teller, Google X”

If you have to make tons of progress,

you have to make tons of fails.

Photo: Adam Lederer [Flickr]

- Kate Stone, Novalia”

For the iPad generation,

print is just a broken touch screen.

Photo: Danny Molyneux [Flickr]

We don’t have the access to credit cards,

so we hack a lot of things. We all do this.

- William Goodall, Student, digital native

Photo: Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen

- Jeremy Gutsche, Trendhunter”

I spent last 10 years on studying the chaos.

Photo: Francisco Barberis [Flickr]

- Logan Green, Lyft”

Flexibility is the new stability.

Photo: Unsplash

On Snapchat you don’t have to

try to be perfect.

- Pete Cashmore, Mashable

Photo: Maurizio Pesce [Flickr]

I’m afraid of people’s

reaction to technology.

- Astro Teller, Google X

Photo: Matthieu Aubry. [Flickr]

Facebook’s business model was

created just to waste your time.

- Paul Tyma, Refresh

Photo: Younghart [Flickr]

No one understands Millenials better

than Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

- Jeremy Gutsche, Trendhunter

Photo: Sean Loyless [Flickr]

Nothing scares me.

- Gary Vaynerchuk, VaynerMedia

Photo: Grégoire Hervé-Bazin [Flickr]

Hire great people with passions.

- Jack Welch , The Jack Welch Management Institute

Photo: Marco Salas [StockSnap.io]

Diversity is absolutely the key.

- Martine Rothblatt, United Therapeutics

Photo: Michael Leland [Flickr]

Instant gratification and correctly used

Social Media can create a positive change.

- Shanice Johnson, Malakai Creative

Photo: [Flickr]

- Logan Green, Lyft”

Our vision is to make car ownership unnecessary.

Photo: Caleb George [StockSnap.io]

To be successful, you have to tell

new stories in the new voice.

- Pete Cashmore, Mashable

Photo: Stefan Lins [Flickr]

- Astro Teller, Google X”

I love the moment when things don’t go right.

Photo: phuket@photographer.net [Flickr]

If you want to advertise something to me,

you should first know who I am.

- William Goodall, Student, digital native

Photo: xflickrx [Flickr]

- Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed

Art is viral.

Photo: Stew Dean [Flickr]

Photo: [StockSnap.io]