mathematical operations using bacteria n.
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Mathematical Operations Using Bacteria PowerPoint Presentation
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Mathematical Operations Using Bacteria

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Mathematical Operations Using Bacteria - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mathematical Operations Using Bacteria
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  1. Mathematical Operations Using Bacteria By Anuradha Sahu Erin Duffy

  2. Biological Computing • The process of Biocomputing uses systems of biologically derived molecules such as proteins and DNA, to perform computational operations. • The two types of Biological Computing are: • DNA Computing • Bacterial Computing

  3. Background of DNA Computing • Leonard Adleman was the founder of DNA Computing • He founded DNA Computing by solving the Hamilton Path Problem in 1994 • He used DNA because they were similar to computers • DNA Computing is the use of DNA the way silicon based chips are used

  4. Leonard Adleman

  5. Bacterial Computing • This is very similar to DNA computing,but rather than using DNA we use bacteria • Bacteria can also be used in place of silicon based chips • This can store, transfer and receive data along with solving mathematical problems

  6. Logic Gates • Founded logic gates such as the NAND, AND and NOR gates • These gates have helped scientists to control bacteria • They can tell the circuit when to stop or start based on if both chemicals, one or none are present

  7. Bacterial Computing Research • Scientists used circuits to do mathematical operations • They founded that only one circuit would do one type of mathematical operation • Changing the promoters or transcriptional factors, changes the rate and reaction of molecules • Here is the circuit for the operation In(x+1)

  8. CIrcuit with positive feedback Circuit without positive feedback

  9. Graph of the Functions • Used analog circuits instead of digital circuits which can take in multiple inputs • Analog circuits can sense concentration and also the molecules • To calculate the output, they used the concentration of the mCherry and the number of input molecules to make a graph

  10. Goals • Their goal wasn’t to have bacteria solve mathematical problems but to prove they could control the bacteria this way • They would like to create new remedies for cancer and even create a computer out of bacteria

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