Bringing it all together
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Bringing it All Together. Psych 190 Dr. Elena Klaw. Goals for Today ( Hoge , 2010). Vision Voice Village/community Joie de vivre (joy of living) Victory. Vision (Hoge,2010) . Being present in the moment Self acceptance, faith in yourself

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Bringing it all together

Bringing it All Together

Psych 190

Dr. Elena Klaw

Goals for today hoge 2010
Goals for Today (Hoge, 2010)




Joie de vivre (joy of living)


Vision hoge 2010
Vision (Hoge,2010)

Being present in the moment

Self acceptance, faith in yourself

Following your inner motivation, your proclivities, and your values

Voice hoge 2010
Voice (Hoge, 2010)

How and what you express to the world, your creativity, the effects you have on others

Village community hoge 2010
Village/Community (Hoge, 2010)

Connections we make, who we share our gifts with, seeing ourselves a part of a larger effort.

When we try to make the world right.

“The meaning of life is the time that we share with the ones we love.”

Joie de vivre joy of living
Joie de Vivre (Joy of Living)

Pursuit of happiness as an inalienable right of all humans (U. S. Declaration of Independence)

We need to feel that we deserve to be happy!


When we overcome hardship or learn to accept our suffering without causing more suffering

We may learn to yield, to gain acceptance, and gratitude.

We may realize our internal courage.

We may experience grace.

We feel that at least for that moment, we are on the right path.

Partner interview activity
Partner Interview Activity

When do you feel like you are acting in a way that is true to your vision of your life?

How so you use your voice in a way that is truest to yourself?

Who is your village/your community?

What gives you the most joie de vivre (joy of living)?

When, in your life, do you feel victory?