a suppliers viewpoint on as9100
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A Suppliers Viewpoint on AS9100

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A Suppliers Viewpoint on AS9100 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Suppliers Viewpoint on AS9100. Wendell Saunders Goodrich- Turbine Fuel Technologies September 25, 2002 . Goodrich in Top Ranking. Goodrich Aerospace is ranked among the largest Top 20 Aerospace Companies in the world. AIRBUS. BOEING. TRW. DASSAULT AVIATION. DAIMLER. LOCKHEED MARTIN.

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a suppliers viewpoint on as9100

A Suppliers Viewpoint on AS9100

Wendell Saunders Goodrich- Turbine Fuel TechnologiesSeptember 25, 2002

Goodrich in Top Ranking

Goodrich Aerospace is ranked among the largest

Top 20 Aerospace Companies in the world.




















Goodrich Aerospace

Aerostructures & Aviation Services


Engine & Safety Systems

Electronic Systems

tft certifications
TFT Certifications
  • Regulatory Approvals
    • FAA PMA Part 21
    • FAA Part 145, JAR 145 satellites & independents
    • Designees for both MIDO & FSDO
    • Military ISO approval
  • Industry Standard Quality Approvals
    • ISO 9001:1994 over 6 years, PRI registrar
    • AS 9000 cert. # 0001, PRI
    • Pilot site for NADCAP General Quality Systems
  • Process Approvals
    • NADCAP – weld, braze/heat treat, NDT
    • Category I, GE
    • Proprietary design process source, RR,PWC, Honeywell
  • Quality Management
    • Source delegated, self release commercial & military
tft customers
TFT Customers
  • US Government
  • Aero Engine Primes
    • GE, RR (US & UK), PWC, Honeywell
  • Commercial Carriers
    • Airlines & service centers
  • Stationary Turbine Power Generation
    • GE, Alstom, Siemens, KHI
  • Power Generation
    • Services business speciality coatings
  • Industrial Products Group
    • Distributors world wide
certification problems
Certification Problems
  • Inherited facilities
    • Four ISO registrars
    • Some AS others N/A
    • Maturity of quality systems
    • Four unique quality systems
  • Implement same quality system
    • Aero, Power Gen, & commercial
  • Regional FSDO expectations
    • Satellites, stand alones, delegation of duties
  • AS at “small sites”
  • Flow down of ISO/AS to small shops
new programs demand as approvals
New Programs demand AS Approvals

The “Ticket to

the Dance”

tft quality strategy

Be recognized as the premier quality supplier in our industry, assuring zero escapes by utilizing our knowledge base, insuring quality is designed AND built into the product

TFT Quality Strategy
  • Lead don’t follow
    • It is easier to volunteer than be drafted
  • Pursue certifications before deadlines
    • Deadlines cause costs to increase
  • Anticipate where the industry is going
    • This conference is a means to that end
  • Suppliers are key to success
    • Mom & pop shops are low cost centers, TFT responsible
    • “Low cost countries” mandate
    • Flow down of AS compliance is not easy
    • Primes want deflationary pricing or year over year productivity gains- middle man is TFT
was as9100 needed
Was AS9100 Needed?
  • ISO fell short of Aero needs
    • Process, validation, keys, suppliers mgmt.
  • AS standard does NOT have a significant impact if you were a “Prop. Design supplier”
  • Switch to process not function was ISO-2000
  • Must of the Primes already required the elements of the AS standard as part of their quality standards
  • TFT as a supplier to all “engine Primes” already had to comply to multiple systems
  • We were routinely & regularly audited for compliance to a customer specific std.Every “engine Prime” had different requirementsYES…….. AS9000/9100 was needed
the key to why as was needed
The “Key” to Why AS was needed

“To assure that the customers product requirements are managed by suppliers & sub-tiers, including process & design control of key features to support product conformance, safety & reliability” W.Saunders

The ISO standard fell short of the key elements of process validation, certification, key feature management and supplier control

engine primes expectations
Engine Primes Expectations
  • Accept the responsibility “birth to death”
  • AS9100 assures compliance “birth to death”
  • “Product Realization” for TFT begins with RFQ
    • Starting with the idea we are entrusted with all aspects of design to validation, material selection, process control, key features , supplier qualification, inspection, and product production
  • ISO would not satisfy all of our customersWill AS9100 meet their expectations?
  • We hope they will……..
conceptual design
Conceptual Design
  • Initial design packaging and layout
    • Focus on reduction of piece part count, leadtime and cost.
    • Goal is the elimination of castings and forgings.
thermal analysis
Thermal Analysis
  • Estimation of component temperatures during engine operation.
  • Prediction of wetted wall surface temperatures in contact with fuel.
structural analysis
Structural Analysis
  • Conduct linear, non-linear, steady state and transient analyses.
  • Predicts resultant stresses and life estimations using:
    • Dynamic Loading
    • Thermal loading
    • Static loading
    • Combined loading
modal analysis
Modal Analysis
  • Predict natural frequency and resultant mode shapes.
  • Damped harmonic response.

Natural Frequency:f = 528 hzf (damped) = 489 hz

life estimation
Life Estimation
  • Turbine Fuel Technologies estimates the component life of fuel metering components by comparing the results of a structural analysis to a temperature dependant database.
  • If the material or temperature is not available Turbine Fuel Technologies uses a conservative value
performance development
Performance Development
  • Develop nozzle fuel spray to achieve desired ignition and lean-stability characteristics
actions for as compliance
Actions for AS Compliance
  • Process owners- tasks & responsibilities-requirements & training CAT 1 req.
  • How are quality procedures made available- Visual work instructions & on line
  • Is tooling designed for variable characteristics- issue of SPC management Honeywell keys
  • In-process inspection before hidden- router review for conformance, NDT issues- Process mapping part of quality plan
  • Selection of suppliers-ASL based on quality, price & delivery- Full program done for ISO
special issues of as9100
Special Issues of AS9100
  • How are contract requirements flowed to suppliers FAA ACSEP & ISO std. Req.
  • Key characteristic control plan from customer- In place for five years- GE, Honeywell, PWC
  • Design control by agency or customer- timely implementation process- log record eng. changes and actions- Tollgate design model
  • Use of only customer approved special processes --Design source & MTP system
  • Right of entry by end customer at suppliers- Part of P.O. document
  • Delegated source procedure, control of suppliers - Developed system of qualification and mgmt.
special issues as9100
Special issues AS9100
  • Marking of regraded material- Regrade not allowed at TFT
  • Scrap control & disposition- System in place for 10 years FSDO
  • How to notify customer on NCM material- Clear part of design tollgate on MRB authority
  • Quality records readily available to customer- CD ROM record retention for personal reasons
  • Response on service request - system, controls, regulations- Designated functions for Service for ISO
  • Is sampling inspection used for acceptance- is it valid & appropriate- stop acceptance of defects- Process validation part of quality plan
as9100 continued
AS9100 continued
  • Certification test reports for acceptance, type & frequency of lab check, lab reports how often- NADCAP & customer appr. labs selected
  • First article inspection required, procedure- Switch to AS9102
  • Insp. & test equip. control, charts, automated, software, plotters (comparator charts) personal gages- ISO plan to control all product acceptance
  • Is recall planned for inspection & test- ISO plan met AS level
  • Control of acceptance stamps, media, electronic sign.- Military work mandated procedure
  • Control of use-as-is NCM, customer approval- Clear part of design tollgate on MRB authority
what are our issues today


What can IAQG do to end the madness….

What are our issues today?


Customers are still auditing

NADCAP(3), Cat. 1, ISO, and two customer audits Oct/Nov 2002


Can we get agreement among all of the Primes?


Airlines, OE’s and service providers continue to audit for CASE and claim they must do their own audit (10 this year)