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  1. offers Wide Variety of Loan Programs

  2. is a leading national mortgage bank that has funded more than $2.5 billion in loans relating to residential, commercial, and construction mortgages. Customers can depend on this trusted company for providing straightforward, stress-free loans that really make sense for the borrowers. The aim of Topdot Mortgage is to offer mortgages for life’s ups and downs and hence provide tangible benefits to its clients.

  3. Topdot Mortgage offers a variety of loans programs to its customers. Whether it is debt consolidation, FHA loans, or refinancing loans, Topdot has loans to suit every kind of needs and requirements. The company understands that no single solution is best for everyone; this is the reason Topdot’s loan specialist spend an extra time in evaluating the clients’ individual needs, and then build a customized loan program that would truly benefit them.

  4. Topdot has recently launched a new product in the market. These Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Direct loans are insured and regulated by the government. The FHA loan program is the most competitive loan program that has low rate of interests than most other programs and does not have minimum payments or prepayment penalties for the borrower.

  5. This type of loan program is the best financing option for persons who fall short of conforming or sub-prime guidelines or have a bad credit history. About Topdot Mortgage is one of the leading nationalized mortgage banks that provide personalized loan solutions since 1995. This mortgage bank has its corporate headquarters in Jericho, New York.

  6. It has 11 branch offices and it is licensed to operate in 40 states across US. The core of its approach lies in the pledge that every Topdot Mortgage must provide tangible benefits to its clients by providing straightforward, low-stress loans for the borrowers.

  7. Topdot Mortgage provides top quality services to its customers; its name reflects its true personality and image. To get more information regarding Topdot Mortgage, please browse through