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Topdot Mortgage Is a National Mortgage Bank That Provides Personalized Loan Solutions In a Friendly Responsive Fashion.

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Mortgage Solutions

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of lower home mortgage interest rates and extraordinary market conditions. Whatever your financing needs, be it purchasing home, refinancing your mortgage, consolidating debt or taking a reverse mortgage loan; there are several lending firms and banks that are offering customized mortgage solutions to their customers.


History of Topdot

Topdot is the premier mortgage national mortgage bank providing personalized loan solutions to its clients in a friendly responsive fashion. It is based in Jericho, NY and was founded in the year 1995. Since its beginning Topdot has expanded its operation in most US states, and has currently 11 branch offices and is licensed to operate in 40 states. Topdot Mortgage started off as a BLS Funding; it later on changed its name to Premium Capital Funding LLC (PCF) in 2001. In an effort to service its clients better and become a more recognizable name, in May 2006, it began doing business as Topdot Mortgage.


Best Services of Topdot

Topdot is committed to helping you find the best mortgage solution for your needs, be it home purchasing or refinancing, or any other needs. This mortgage bank is aware that every person's mortgage needs are different; therefore it offers a variety of products to meet the requirements of each and every borrower. It provides customized mortgage solutions that give its clients every advantage. Topdot's Mortgage specialists will evaluate your lending needs and find the most suitable mortgage program at the lowest possible rate.


How to contact Topdot

Topdot looks at your mortgage loan from an entirely new perspective, and puts the fun back in the funding process. In case you have any questions regarding Topdot Mortgage programs, loan process, its history; you can refer the Topdot website, and its skilled mortgage specialists will contact you shortly. You can also get your questions answered by Topdot clients relations personnel by calling toll free 1-877-738-5363 from Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm EST.


For more information regarding the customized mortgage solutions by Topdot, visit