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Technology perspective. The way I have grown!. Where did I begin?. MY ABILITIES:

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Technology perspective

Technology perspective

The way I have grown!

Where did i begin
Where did I begin?


Before I embarked on the journey in EDU 210 I had very little knowledge when it came to technology. My sister would say things like “your horrible with computers” and often got frustrated with me when I would need help fixing something on my I phone. I had no idea how to save things on my mac computer, I had a lot of trouble starting accounts with twitter, and Facebook. It was an ongoing battle when I was asked to use a new technology in school.

Where did i begin1
Where did I begin?


  • Because technology was so hard for me, I refused to use it- calling it “Stupid” and that it was running children in society today. I grew a negative opinion on it and thought I would never integrate it into my classroom because I preferred the old way, and kids were fine with it. I was very negative and hostile when it came to a class that required me to gain the class information on a twitter feed.

  • So…HOW in the world did this change?

Where did i end up
Where did I end up?


  • I know understand what technology can do in a classroom. If used correctly it can be an amazing resource for collaboration and engaging the students in their learning. I no longer have a negative attitude when a class is asking me to explore a new technology, I get excited. I want to learn all the resources possible that can be integrated into my classroom and then pick the ones I feel work best. I feel more confident then ever with technology and entering into a new and improved education that is trying to integrate technology more and more as the years progress.

Where did i end up1
Where did I end up?

  • Abilities:

  • It is crazy to think that I can now make my own website! I can create voice threads and post them up onto my classroom management system. ( I know what a classroom management system is!) AHH! I have grown tremendously with having patience when figuring out a new website or tool. There are so many amazing tools out there that you can use in your classroom.

My technologies
My Technologies!

  • These are a few of my technologies that I have used! I am so excited to have learned how to use these, and now I have grown into someone who can create and love what technology can do for a classroom!

  • This is a online learning management

  • system I created! I can post tests,

  • announcements, parent info. For my

  • students as well as the parents!

My technologies1
My technologies

  • This is an online poster you can

  • create using They

  • have amazing tools and pictures that

  • you can choose from to create an

  • age appropriate poster for your

  • students!

My technologies2
My technologies

This is a Voice Thread! I have created one explaining a certain web page I had to use to create my e-portfolio ( which is another amazing website that has helped me grow) but this one I must say challenged me the most . It was straight forward once I took the time to figure it all out, but the idea of posting a snapshot( which I didn’t know how to do, and now I use it all the time with the snipping tool) and then adding a recording too it seemed like an impossible task for me. But with hard work I pulled it off and created my very own Voice Thread!