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Sylvia Chidi

Sylvia Chidi. Presentation by Alexandria Phillips.

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Sylvia Chidi

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  1. Sylvia Chidi Presentation by Alexandria Phillips

  2. Sylvia Lovina Chidi wasborn in Germany1971. She is currentlyliving in England, andworks in the Information Technology Sector in Education. Sylvia spent her earlychildhood in Nigeria. She then moved to England going to amilitary boarding secondary schooland settled to study aBachelor of Engineering degreecourse in the subject of Computer Science & Engineering.

  3. Loves reading Sylvia enjoys many sports and excels usually even without much practise. Her favourite sports include football, badminton, table tennis, swimming,and pool. Germany Egypt Italy Holland England USA Travels a lot. France Spain Nigeria Yugoslavia Switzerland Philippines Two books of poetry published, Beautiful Selected Poems and After Red Wine. After Red Wine is a book of poetry about women.

  4. Life is chess Lets play a game of chessA game that could bring about stressA game that could also depressIf you strive to win without success

  5. To write To writeis to feelTo feelis to healTo healis to revealinstead of concealWhile you stand still http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut60FNzgkyQ

  6. Happiness Happiness is a state of mind It is out there in all shapes to find Just like a star, an exciting illusion Specifically designed by nature's institution Happiness is one of the greatest things That can happen to a human being It is nothing and it is something It is also everything

  7. Life is precious While one is conscious Life is fabulous And joyous for the righteous Life is monstrous Inflicting sad moments while callous Life makes us anxious That feeling of life is always infectious Life is beautiful When adventurous and dareful Life is a challenge with a purposeful goal For others life is about revenge and control Life is a lesson for all persons Life is the reason for life As we exist season by season The complexity of life is awesome An illusion of reality so gruesome Life is What does this last line mean to you? Is there any line of this poem that you don’t agree with. Do you think life is only precious if you are conscious?

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