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Cargo Airport Services Cargo Handling Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Cargo Airport Services Cargo Handling Solutions

Cargo Airport Services Cargo Handling Solutions

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Cargo Airport Services Cargo Handling Solutions

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  1. Cargo Airport ServicesCargo Handling Solutions February 26, 2013

  2. A Truly Simple Cargo System • Revolutionize cargo handling across the value chain • Eliminate warehouse and documentation processes • 100% online payment and self-service • Promote paper-free process • Meet IATA Cargo 2000 in real time • Increase customer loyalty • Achieve excellent employee experience

  3. Where We Are TodayIndustry Revolution ePic Portal CASnet ePic WH ePic Cloud Internal Control Messaging Platform Paradigm Shift New Horizons Centralized Cash Collection Centralized Billing Internal Control Visibility into Cash Collection Messaging Integration Online Payment Track and Trace Auto-notification Customs release info Mobile-tech Equipped WH Paper-free Processes Warehouse-centric Ops. Op. Consolidation by function Full Visibility Customer Stickiness x 10 Interactions across the value chain Mobile device app empowerment Collaborative tools FWB/FHL/AES generators Cargo Community

  4. Collaborate or Perish Trace & Track Auto-notification Online TSC payment Online Carrier Certificate Cargo visibility in entire throughput time SLA / C2K compliance Dash Board & Op. reports Shipment POD Cargo station statistics Flight and cargo status Airline Portal ePic Portal ePIC ECOSYSTEM EDI messaging platform FWB /FHL and AES generation ePic participant collaboration Terminal traffic report Smartphone-based Apps Cargo Community • Mobile cargo warehouse management • Mobile Cargo Acceptance • Mobile Cargo Buildup • Mobile Cargo Check-in • Mobile Cargo Delivery • Cargo Security • iPod/Touch Camera ePic Mobile WH eCloud OP Dash Board Terminal service fee collection Operation stats and billing Analytics and reports Accounting reconciliation Business intelligence Decision Support Tools Flight level overview AWB level detail Import cargo management Import AWB manager Export cargo management Export AWB manager C2K and SLA compliance Discrepancy report and more… CASnet ePic, a unifying e-business platform, enables broad collaboration within and beyond the organization. ePic provides an ecosystem where both our employees and vertical business partners are empowered to operate in a much smarter, more dynamic and connected way.

  5. Before: 26 steps / activities After: 11 steps / activities “Not just improve, but eliminate processes”

  6. Connecting the Stakeholders • Real Time Monitoring • Breakdown status • Build-up status • Dock traffic / Trucker waiting • Discrepancies and photos • Easy Access to critical data • Proof of delivery • Breakdown Reports • On-hand freight • Booked but not received • Transfer freight • Alerts & Visibility • Freight on flight • Freight available for p/u • Charges due • Freight delivered… Cargo Airport Services Airline Forwarder/Broker/Trucker

  7. Connecting the Stakeholders • Real Time Monitoring • Breakdown status • Build-up status • Dock traffic / Trucker waiting • Discrepancies and photos • Easy Access to critical data • Proof of delivery • Breakdown Reports • On-hand freight • Booked but not received • Transfer freight • Alerts & Visibility • Freight on flight • Freight available for p/u • Charges due • Freight delivered… Cargo Airport Services Airline Forwarder/Broker/Trucker

  8. ePic PortalParticipation • We collect ISC for 62 CAS Airlines online • More than 1000 forwarders pay online representing 42% of total ISC and 29% of storage • Nationwide participation in 10 stations (JFK, EWR, IAD, MIA, FLL, IAH, DFW, SAT, SEA, SAN) • 100+ new signups per month *Jan 2013 Stats

  9. ePic Portal: Forwarder Response “The industry needs a handling agent that moves with the times. Very impressive!” -Kuehne- Nagel “We are truly amazed by, and gratified to be using, this VERY EFFICIENT and CUTTING EDGE system! It is, no doubt, the new "industry standard,"  and it's up to your competitors to try and emulate it!” – Dennis Klainberg, President, Berklay Cargo .. and it is truly amazing how you managed to cover so much process improvement potential in such an accessible and (for the internal and external users) simplistic solution. CAS not only modernizing, you are revolutionizing an industry. Instead of complicating things , CAS created a tool that is as high-tech as it is user-friendly. While all industries build on automating and centralizing at cost of service, you are introducing tools which do nothing but make things easier and more visible for literally all involved PANALPINA “This is so forward thinking. Everybody should start doing things like ePic” - Geodis Wilson “It is about time someone used modern technology and came up with some solution, and ePicdid exactly what we waited for a long time.” - Kintetsu “I was particularly impressed by your on-line settlement capabilities when taken into consideration relative to this industry and the structure by which business has traditionally been done , you really may have created a very interesting business opportunity in addition to creating a simple convenient e-solution to what was / is in most places a very archaic process. -Tom Presnail / C2K “ePic system makes it possible for me to have our overseas counterpart to do and see things which only we used to be able to do.” - Worldnet International “ePic is something we are very interested in using.” - Expeditors “We are so glad to hear when CAS handles the cargo because their system makes it so easy for us to perform payments.” - Superior Brokerage “We wish all the airlines did this.” - Panalpina - IAD “Your system works – this morning our messenger tried to get carrier certificate from the window, but failed. After I learned the news, I went to ePic system and was able to print it right away.” - DB Schenkers “I wish I had the same system like ePic so my customers can pay online too. It is so easy.” -VIP Express Shipping “We watched your ePic Intro movie and are very impressed by how much we can do using your customer support portal ePic” - HNR Freight Logistics Inc. “System is wonderful. It is so easy to make ISC payment now.” - World Courier “Another breakthrough - milestone put forward by CAS.” - Kintetsu “We really appreciate what CAS is doing for us.” - UPS` “ePic helps both you and us, actually everybody in the chain.”- Nippon Express

  10. Mobile Warehouse SolutionePic-enabled Airlines EWR • Air India • SAS • Swiss Air • Singapore • CargoJet • El Al • Iceland Express MIA Korean Airlines Air France Alitalia Martinair Corsair* British Airways* Iberia* IAD* British Airways American Airlines South African Airways Emirates Delta SAS Virgin Atlantic JFK • Air China • Icelandair • Pakistan • Transaero • KLM • Air France • Alitalia • Saudi Airlines • Jet Airways • Emirates • Singapore • TNT • ANA • Qatar • Turkish • British Airways • Iberia • NCA • LAN/TAM • JAL • Finnair • Atlas Air • Aeroflot • AeroMexico • Cargolux • Aerosvit • South African • Uzbekistan • Egypt Air • EVA • Korean Airlines* • Kalitta* * Coming soon

  11. Mobile Warehouse SolutionBenchmarked against leading industry systems Import Functions of CargoSpot ePic Functions Messaging Engine Monthly Billing & Cash Collection Flight Prioritization Freight location input FSU (ARR, RCF, NFD, AWD, DLV) IRP – Irregularity Reporting Consignee recognition Notifications AWB notes Discrepancies and iPod camera Carrier Certificates • AMS* • ULD Control • Flight Scheduling* One system = Faster Handling

  12. Mobile Warehouse SolutionBenchmarked against leading industry systems Export Functions of CargoSpot ePic Functions Monthly Billing & Cash Collection Build-up Prioritization Acceptance Data Capture (Master) ULD Manifestation, FFM FSU (RCS, MAN, DEP) Notifications AWB notation Discrepancies and iPod camera Drag Sheet / Manifest Reports Special Handling Code (SHC) ULD Tag Printing • ULD Control • Data capture (House AWB) Full Visibility = Less Headaches

  13. Simplified ArchitectureAirline System Holistic Approach Built on a rich collection of user stories from a portfolio of 80 GHA contracts ePic Forwarder Portal ePic Airline Portal CASnet ePic Mobile Warehouse Billing Reporting Operations level apps ePic Messaging Engine Customer facing apps Messaging platform C-Imp Communication via C-Imp messaging with airlines CAS Cargospot Airline AMS System Airline AMS System No direct integration with airline systems

  14. Mobile Warehouse SolutionFast Delivery Process Week 1 2 3 4 Setup Wireless Infrastructure Mount iPads Setup iPads Setup iPods Configure Software Self Training - video Process Workshop Start Office Functions Go Live PLAN GO LIVE F/U Training & Monitoring

  15. ePic Wireless Warehouse Demonstration LEADERSHIP INNOVATION EXPERTISE

  16. Wireless Warehouse Demo

  17. Breakdown • Populated from messaging engine

  18. Breakdown • Prioritized by the office

  19. Breakdown • Instruction from office

  20. Breakdown • Location status tracked

  21. Breakdown • Discrepancy tracking

  22. Breakdown • Photos linked to freight

  23. Dock

  24. Dock – Trucker Waiting List • Captured in CASnet Traffic app • From FWB or FBL

  25. Dock Delivery • From iPad Breakdown • Capture Discrepancies

  26. Dock Delivery

  27. Dock Acceptance • From FBL / CASnet Acceptance • Capture Discrepancies • Capture DIMS

  28. Build-Up

  29. Build-Up • Created in iPad by WH • From Dock Acceptance • Enter pieces built on ULD • AWB Destination (from FBL) • Enter shipment details

  30. Build-Up • Add notes • Remaining pcs to be built • Enter ULD details / Close ULD 7/15

  31. Build-Up • Capture details about ULD • Print a ULD tag to wireless printer next to scale

  32. Thank you!