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Book Review By Camden. Masterpiece by Elise Broach. Masterpiece Character Summary. Marvin – A beetle that makes friends with a human boy. He is a great drawer and a good friend.

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Book review by camden

Book Review By Camden

Masterpieceby Elise Broach

Masterpiece character summary
Masterpiece Character Summary

  • Marvin – A beetle that makes friends with a human boy. He is a great drawer and a good friend.

  • James – Eleven year old boy. Lonely, lives with his mom , step-dad and baby brother in New York City. Makes friends with Marvin.

  • Mrs. Pompaday – James mom. She is married to Mr. Pompaday. She sells real estate and is not that interested in James.

  • Christina Balcony – works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and she plans the fake art theft.

  • Denny – Went to school with Karl Terik, James’s dad, and he works at the Getty Museum in California and he is the theft of the Durer drawings

Masterpiece plot summary
Masterpiece Plot Summary

  • Marvin and James become friends when Marvin draws a sketch of the outside of James’s window.

  • Karl takes James and Marvin to the Museum and Christina makes the art theft plan.

  • Karl, James and Marvin go back to the Museum and Marvin draws a fake Drurer drawing, Fortitude to help with the theft plan.

  • Real Fortitude drawing gets stolen and Marvin stays with it and finds out the thief is Denny.

  • Marvin gets James to find all four of the lost Drurer drawings and Denny is caught as the art thief.

  • Marvin and James stay friends and Karl and Christina stay friends too.

Masterpiece main problem
Masterpiece Main Problem

  • Drurer drawings are being stolen and no one knows who is taking them. When Christina makes a plan to catch the thief, the fake drawing was not put where it was suppose to go to be stolen. Then the real drawing got stolen instead! She did not know that this mix up was really planned by Denny. So she was not suspecting and when the real drawing was stolen, she thought she was going to loss her job!

Masterpiece resolution
Masterpiece Resolution

  • Marvin knew the real drawing was hanging in the museum to be stolen, not the fake one. So he attached himself to it and stayed with it to see what was going to happen to it. Marvin learned the thief was Denny and he got James to know this.

Masterpiece 3 fantasy things
Masterpiece 3 fantasy things

  • A beetle that can understand English!

  • A beetle can paint!

  • Beetles living a regular life!


Masterpiece 3 realistic things
Masterpiece3 realistic things

  • There is a museum called the Met.

  • A boy can be named James.

  • There are such things as beetles.

Masterpiece my book review
Masterpiece My Book Review

  • I rate this book Wikirific: WWW

  • I rated my book Wikirific because in my opinion it twes a grate tail. But I did not rate it Wikitastik because at sometimes it got a little out of hand with all the fantasy. So I had to ask my mom to help me make sense of it.