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Tom Salzano’s Hobbies and Interests

Tom Salzanou2019s Hobbies and Interests

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Tom Salzano’s Hobbies and Interests

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  1. Tom Salzano’s Hobbies andInterests Tom Salzano’s main pastimes are watching films, reading books and novels, listening to music, etc. Tom Salzano believes that a well-rounded artist must expose himself to all art forms in order to truly create good art. Since childhood, Salzano reads constantly. His favorite writer is Jack Kerouac, and On the Road inspired him when he was a young man. One of Tom’s dreams is to take a road trip across the United States, as Jack does in his book. Previous post: Tom Salzano : Tips To Manage Time For Entrepreneur As a music lover and business consultant, Tom Salzano has a great love of music. Though he appreciates all genres, Tom particularly loves Simi Hendrix. Apart from professional life Salzano enjoys watching films, new and old. He feels that he learns a lot from acting by watching other actors. His favorite film is The Lion King. To stay active and energetic, Tom Salzano is part of an indoor, co-ed soccer team. He used to play soccer as a child and enjoys continuing the sport as an adult. Indoor soccer is a much more fast-paced and cardio-intensive version than playing on a large, outdoor field. The sport keeps him in shape and allows him the opportunity to make friends outside the theatre community.

  2. To maintain profession and personal life, Tom Salzano needs to maintain good physical condition and finds that playing soccer is a much easier way to do so than going to the gym. Stays connected with him and keep visiting his blogs for more such stuff! Visit https://makandracards.com/tom-salzano for more information about him.

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