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maintain transparency by employing a quality n.
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telecom billing service, telecom billing software PowerPoint Presentation
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telecom billing service, telecom billing software

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telecom billing service, telecom billing software
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telecom billing service, telecom billing software

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  1. Maintain Transparency by Employing a Quality Telecom Billing System Telecom billing systems have become very important for the overall operations of telecom companies. In this age of information, customers are aware of their entitlements and expect complete transparency in the billing process. It is imperative for a telecom firm to understand the importance of their telecom billing service and ensure foolproof operation. Everything from CDR (Call-Detail Record) to bill generation should be done with utmost care to provide accurate details to the customer. Only when you provide customers with accurate details, you can expect them to be satisfied about the services. Why Billing is Crucial in Telecom? Every time a customer uses his phone for accessing his mails or making a call, the telecom billing system comes into action and captures the details. As many customers use different services at any given instance, the task of tracking data and talk time becomes complex. This is why a telecom firm should pay special attention to its billing procedure and employ the best telecom billing system available in the market. Functions of a Telecom Billing System Primarily, a telecom billing system is used for performing the following functions: Management of Finances – The primary function of a telecom billing system is finance management. Under finance management, the following tasks are performed: a.Payment tracking and processing b.Debit Collection c.Managing Credits Management of Information – Managing information is a significant feature of any telecom billing system. Following tasks are covered under this category: a.Management of customer information b.Billing configuration data c.Audit settings d.Event triggers e.Maintaining billing cycle schedules Operations – Apart from accounting functions, a telecom billing system plays a pivotal role in the operations of an organization. The below mentioned tasks are performed as part of operations: a.Capturing usage records b.Applying price tariffs c.Managing delivery of bills d.Calculating time of calls e.Maintaining the account of customer

  2. Depending on the payment type and communication model employed by an organization, the implementation of the above mentioned tasks can vary greatly. Biggest Advantage of Telecom Billing Systems One of the biggest advantages of telecom billing systems is that they help in eliminating errors in billing. An incorrect bill can enrage a customer and may incite him to disconnect his services with the telecom provider. By employing a good telecom billing system, an organization can ensure that the bill delivered to the customer is always correct.