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What telecom billing software does

Rethink telecom billing to support monetization of new services.

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What telecom billing software does

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  1. What Telecom Billing Software Does

  2. In business one of the most important aspects is the proper collection of billing and fees due. In industries whose product is based on consumption billing can be a difficult matter. Some of these industries include phone services, the Internet, and energy companies. Telecom billing refers to computer software specially designed for the billing process in these industries. What follows is a brief explanation of what telecom billing software really does and how it can help your business. More on the same could be read at http://www.cadebill.com/.

  3. Usage Measurements Telecom services require accurate measurements so proper billing can be issued. The measurements telecom billing software makes varies on the industry. For example this can be minutes on a phone plan, data usage on an Internet service package, or wattage used on an electricity service.

  4. Aside from taking records about usage the software also factors in certain consumption factors. Such as when a cellular phone is used out of the country, Internet downloads go past a certain amount or energy exceeds agreed upon usage. The telecom billing system also keeps track of necessary add ons and modifications such as local taxes and discounts. Now as for why this helps your business should be apparent. Keeping track of usage can a difficult enough task but modifications such as contracted service discounts and fees due to overages can be difficult to calculate accurately.

  5. Billing and Account Configuration Many telecom industries offer packages, discounts, and other billing configuration modifications. Because industries such as cable and Internet service providers often have rotating and changing discount packages without telecom billing software keeping track of who has what services and what package plan becomes very difficult. Aside from the service features telecom billing software also keeps track of other information such as the billing cycle the customer is on and contact information.

  6. Where this becomes useful for your business is that all this information is shared with your billing and service employees. They have access to all current customer information and services and depending on their level of access may be able to make modifications. For example if a customer wants to upgrade a service package or change contact information the billing software allows this to happen in real time. Plus the system automatically corrects the billing and amount due based on the current billing cycle.

  7. Collection And Communication Aspects A final aspect of telecom billing software is the collections aspect. This relates to the act of billing and payment processing. The records kept by the billing software include payment history, tracking of payments, a history of letters and phone calls made, collection status, and tax information. This offers several different uses depending on the situation.

  8. For example if you have a customer who claims a payment was applied incorrectly the payment can be tracked and re-applied as needed. Also the same applies if a payment is lost. The records of correspondence can keep track of information sent out and even note if it is returned or sent to the wrong address this improves communication accuracy.

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