how to do business with the school district of palm beach county n.
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How To Do Business with The School District of Palm Beach County PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Do Business with The School District of Palm Beach County

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How To Do Business with The School District of Palm Beach County - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Do Business with The School District of Palm Beach County
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  1. How To Do Business with The School District of Palm Beach County Presented by Sharon Swan, Director of Purchasing August 27, 2010

  2. School District Facts • 186 Public Schools • 172,701 projected students • 5th largest District in Florida • 11th largest District in Nation • “A” rating from Florida Department of Education for 6 consecutive years • Built 85 new schools in the past 11 years • Tentative Budget $2.7 billion 2010-2011

  3. Mission Statement • The Purchasing Department is dedicated to providing professional and efficient procurement services and supports the activities of the School District, which includes: education, financial responsibility and community service, through contracting for all commodities and services; by maintaining procedures which foster fair and open competition, inspiring public confidence that all contracts are awarded equitably and economically; and by acquiring the greatest possible value and quality in the services and products purchased, with timely delivery.

  4. Achievement of Excellence • In June 2010, for the third year in a row, the School District of Palm Beach County, Purchasing Department was the proud recipient of the Annual “Achievement of Excellence in Procurement” award. This award recognizes organizational excellence in public procurement and is earned only by those organizations that demonstrate excellence by obtaining a high score on a rating of benchmark criteria.  The program is designed to measure innovation, professionalism, e-procurement, productivity and leadership. 

  5. PurchasingDepartment • Director, Sharon Swan • Purchasing Manager, Genell McMann • Construction Purchasing Manager, Mark Moon • Distribution & Warehousing Manager, Bill Hayes • Website for Purchasing Agents & other information

  6. What do we buy? Some examples: • Classroom equipment & supplies • Specialty items for Academies • Professional Services • Facilities & Maintenance • Insurance • Food for breakfast & lunch programs • Transportation

  7. Purchasing Department Web Site

  8. Office of Diversity in Business Practices • Director, Dr. Otelia DuBose (Retiring 8/31) • Vincent Jones, Specialist • Patrick Chrysostome, SBE Certification • Heidi Galloway, MWBE Certification • On line at • Benefits to certification include some: • Small Business set asides • MWBE or Small Business points and price preferences.

  9. Bid Thresholds • Quotes for purchases - $10,000 + • Formal Bids - $25,000 + for Goods & Services • Formal Bids - $200,000 + for Construction (exception is Electrical - $50,000 +) • Note: SBE set asides are used for some purchases that fall below the Bid Thresholds.

  10. How to Receive Notifications • Register on-line with BidSync our e-procurement service for the purpose of receiving notification regarding Invitations to Bid and Request for Proposals. Tell us your commodities and how you want to be notified, via email or fax. There is no charge for registering or bidding through BidSync with the School District. • Occasionally notifications will come directly from the District but information will be obtained from the BidSync lists.

  11. PreQualification • The School District of Palm Beach County invites qualified Contractors with current licenses in the State of Florida to register for the District's Vendor Pre-qualification Program.  This Program applies only to price-based solicitations (Invitations to Bid) for alterations, renovations, modifications, and minor new construction projects with an estimated budget of $200,000 or more.  This process does not apply to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for Architectural/Engineering Services, Design/Build Services or Construction Manager at Risk Services.       • The Pre-Qualification Program is an ongoing program of the School District.  Once a firm has been qualified and certified by the District, it may participate and compete with other qualified vendors in Invitations to Bid exceeding $200,000 for a one year period commencing from date of approval.  Pre-qualification Certifications are valid for one calendar year and may be renewed at each anniversary date.

  12. Internal Funds • In addition to budgeted funds, schools have fund raisers and spend dollars through their internal account funds. • Internal Fund purchases generally use the same bid awarded vendors as when spending budgeted funds. • Schools have wide discretion with graduation supplies, pictures, and consultants such as marching band choreographers, special activities for after school activities etc.

  13. Responding to Bids • Read the document carefully. • Look for pre-bid meetings and any deadlines for when you can ask questions. • If you have questions about the bid document, send them in writing through BidSync or as directed in the bid document . Your question will be responded to in writing and all vendors will receive the information.

  14. Public Record • Current and prior bids and proposal information is public record. You may contact the Purchasing Agent and make an appointment to come in and see prior responses.

  15. Results • Results of all bid and proposal solicitations are posted. • Responders through BidSync to Invitations will receive information by email or fax that results are available on-line. • If you win, wait for purchase order and then perform! If it is a term contract, then market your product or services.

  16. Marketplace • The School District has an on-line marketplace where vendors who sell high volume goods can place their catalog and get great exposure of their products to all schools and departments. • Talk to the Purchasing Agent after you have been awarded a term contract if you are interested in this method.

  17. P-Card • The School District has a business VISA credit card program with Bank of America. • All Schools participate and can purchase up to $1000 of goods per vendor per day. • This is proving to be an efficient way to purchase a large volume of small dollar purchases.

  18. Fingerprinting and Background Check Guidelines • All contracted individuals who are permitted access on school grounds when students are present, who will have direct contact with children or any student of the School District or who will have access or control of school funds must be fingerprinted and background checked. • Badges are provided by School Police when cleared.

  19. Information Sessions • Meet staff. • Information Session next door. • Email questions to Sharon Swan, at