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  1. Should they be used? Drones

  2. The facts • What: Scientists and engineers have recently developed a new type of unmanned aircraft: Drones. Drones can be used in wars without risking pilots’ lives, and can be used for many other uses, too, such as journalism, real estate sales, and much more. However, with availability of drones to the public increasing, people have begun to worry about invasion of privacy. Other countries are on their way to drone development, too, which may cause problems for Americans.

  3. The facts (continued) • Who: Drone manufacturers, the public, the government, and foreign countries. • Why: The use of drones has allowed the U.S. to eliminate alleged terrorist leaders, monitor traffic, and much more. Taking away drones would destroy many of these advantages. However, if drones are not limited, they could invade personal privacy and kill innocent civilians. Plus, drones cost a lot of money to manufacture, further increasing government spending.

  4. Drones In the News • 8 Totally Cool Uses for Drones by Marc Lallanilla Just a few years ago, drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), were virtually unknown. But the remote-controlled aircraft have stealthily slipped over the horizon and are now causing a buzz from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to the rain forests of Sumatra. "I am convinced that the domestic use of drones to conduct surveillance and collect other information will have a broad and significant impact on the everyday lives of millions of Americans," Sen. Patrick Leahy, chairman of a Senate Judiciary Committee looking into drone legislation, said on Thursday (March 21), CNN reports. There's little doubt that UAV technology is here to stay, but their use isn't limited to cloak-and-dagger operations and military technology.

  5. Drones in the News (continued) • Here are just a few ways the drone can be your friend: • …Real estate sales... • …Sports photography… • …Highway monitoring… • …Wildlife Research… • …Atmospheric research… • …Hunting — and anti-hunting… • …Disaster relief… • …Environmental compliance…

  6. How do Drones Work? • There are all sorts of drones, and each works in a different way, so in my presentation, will focus on how the Predator drone works. • The Predator uses the type of engine that is commonly used in snowmobiles. The engine turns the drive shaft, which in turn spins a rear-mounted propeller. The Predator’s unique downward-pointing wings also provide it with lift.

  7. How do Drones Work? (continued) • So, that’s the mechanics of how the Predator flies, so how can it fly independently without a pilot? • The answer is satellite data. A pilot executes commands, which are then communicated by way of satellites to a L-3 Com satellite data system. The system then transmits data collected from the aperture and infrared cameras where it is needed.

  8. What actions have Been Taken? • An Oregon-based company has been marketing a method that will allow you to protect your house and yourself from drones. Clothing articles such as this one make you invisible to drones’ infrared cameras. • Drones are being sold as toys in stores and online, and are gaining increasing popularity.

  9. What actions have been Taken? (continued) • Many debates have happened in Washington D.C. lately, including a 12 hour one a couple weeks ago. The main issue has been the use of drones as weapons, but another topic was the constant videotaping drones may begin to do.

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