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Chuck Norris Fact:. “Chuck Norris got a perfect score on his SATs simply by writing Chuck Norris for every answer.”. The Islamic World. Southwest Asia at its Best !. What’s Going on in the World?. Whole world is in chaos after Rome collapses. Indian Empire. Rome has collapsed

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Chuck norris fact

Chuck Norris Fact:

“Chuck Norris got a perfect score on his SATs simply by writing Chuck Norris for every answer.”

The islamic world
The Islamic World

Southwest Asia at its Best!

What s going on in the world
What’s Going on in the World?

Whole world is in chaos after Rome collapses

Indian Empire

  • Rome has collapsed

  • Western Europe is in disarray

  • World Trade has broken down

  • After hundreds of years under Roman Rule, there is no one in charge of the World

Islamic World takes hold after the decline of the Byzantine Empire

Chinese Dynasties continue reign until conquered by the Mongols

The rise of islam
The Rise of Islam

  • Trade Routes set the tone for SW Asia

  • The flow of goods creates many cities

    • Mecca

    • Medina

    • Damascus

    • Baghdad

  • Arabs are grouped into many tribes

    • Similar to the Many Groups

      • Mongols, Huns, etc


  • Trader in Mecca

  • Instructed by an angel to unite the tribes of SW Asia

  • Begins to spread the message of “Allah”

  • By the time of his death, Mohammed united almost all of the Arabian Peninsula

Facts of islam
Facts of Islam

  • Monotheistic

  • Holy Book: Quran

  • Worship Day: Friday

  • Five Pillars of Islam

  • No Alcohol, Drugs or Pork

  • Worship Allah Directly

The empire begins
The Empire Begins

Let’s Get It Started!

  • As Islam spreads, Arabs are united by a common religion and language

    • Islam & Arabic

  • The Jihad for SW Asia

  • They begin to fight with Byzantines & Persians for control of SW Asia

  • Eventually, Islam covers everything from the West of India to Spain

The caliphate
The Caliphate

  • Process of selecting the Caliph

    • The Leader of Islam

  • Sunni Muslims follow the Caliph

  • Shiite Muslims believe that Mohammed’s descendants should be Caliphs

Empires of the islamic world
Empires of the Islamic World

  • Several different groups rule SW Asia

    • Always Muslims

    • Ottoman Turks are the most known

  • A vast trading network gives the Islamic World Great Standing

    • Located between Europe/Africa & India/China

  • The Islamic World is the center of culture during the Middle Ages

    • Blending of Persian, Greek, Roman, Jewish & Byzantine Culture

    • Advances is architecture, math, medicine & the arts

Why do I have to be Green?

The ottoman empire
The Ottoman Empire

Southwest Asia’s Biggest & Longest Lasting Muslim Empire

Major events of islam
Major Events of Islam

I am gonna bring the fire down on yo’…what?

  • Invasion of Africa

    • Creating the Gold-Salt Trade

  • Battle of Tours

    • Halting of the Muslim Empire

  • Crusades

    • Battle for the Holy Land

Africa the gold salt trade
Africa & the Gold-Salt Trade

  • A trade route is established across the Sahara Desert in Africa

    • Connects West Africa with the Mediterranean World

  • Africans trade gold for Salt

  • Islam spreads through much of Africa

  • West African Trading Kingdoms emerge

    • Slowly adopt ideas from previous empires

    • Ghana

    • Mali

    • Songhai

West Si-eeed!

Moment of zen
Moment of Zen

I’m single…I am as surprised as you are