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Requirements Preview. Chutes&Ladders. Requirements. The User Registration System manage all user access to the Application. System will allow the creation, addition, update, and deletion of user accounts.

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requirements preview

Requirements Preview


  • The User Registration System manage all user access to the Application.
  • System will allow the creation, addition, update, and deletion of user accounts.
  • System will assign or grant, and classify user accounts according to a type requested during registration. Furthermore,
  • The system will authenticate users logging and direct them to their page
  • The User Interface Customization System will manage the customization, the display, and the transfer of user-requested information.
  • The System will call or interact with other system to retrieve information the user demands.
  • The System will also track and manage the amount of storage size a user has utilized. User is allocated fixed amount of memory.
registration tests
Registration Tests
  • Create a user account of type Personal
  • Create a user account of type Band Group
  • Update an existing account by making changes to Account information. Check and ensure changes take effect in real-time.
  • Log in to the system with correct User Id and Password
  • Deliberately log-in with invalid User Id and Password—the system must reject access
  • Upgrade a Personal user to a Band Group account.
  • Request a reset of a user account password
  • Temporary set the dormant termination time to one hour. After one hour, all created accounts should be automatically deleted.
customization tests
Customization Tests
  • Change a layout of Personal page
  • Change a layout of a Group page
  • Browse the Band Group listing
  • Search for a particular Band Group
  • View the services provided by the Application
  • Subscribe to a Band Group page
  • View a Band Group concert schedule
  • Subscribe to Band Group email listing
  • In a Band Group page, publish a Band activity
  • Deliberately exceed a Band Group page
  • Deliberately exceed a Personal page
  • Registration offers no age verification, client does not want to be liable for laws broken because of minors.
  • User interface requirement has no restrictions on copyright material or “lewd” behavior, may be a problem for the client who is hosting this site.
  • The User registration Requirement does not specify what is needed for authentication to sign up for this Application. So developer can make authentication anything: email, social security number, or even credit card number.
  • User interface does not specify the amount of "fixed storage space" allocated to users. As the developer we can make this what ever we want, if it this amount is to little or too much, client will have issues with subscribers. Causing the client to pay developer more to change settings.
requirements editor statement
Requirements Editor Statement
  • Age verification must be part of the requirements to avoid any liability for federal laws broken by minors
  • Users should be informed that all copyrighted material be hosted on their own external web space.
  • Authentication should ensure security and quality, a login will be required.
  • The storage sizes should be listed under a requirement to show that users will know how much space they have.