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Preview. Complete Preview 3 on p. 21 of WKBK Share how you believe life has changed because of the invention you chose. Chapter 3. From Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers. Words to Know. You can find the definitions of each of these words in your glossary, or in your text. Objectives.

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  • Complete Preview 3 on p. 21 of WKBK
  • Share how you believe life has changed because of the invention you chose
chapter 3

Chapter 3

From Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers

words to know
Words to Know

You can find the definitions of each of these words in your glossary, or in your text


By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define the terms on the “Words to Know” list
  • Identify important changes in the lives of people during the Neolithic Age as compared to the Paleolithic Age
  • Understand how the domestication of plants and animals created a stable food supply and led to important changes in shelter, communities, jobs, and trade
  • Read Sect. 3.1 on p. 25 of the TXT
  • What will you learn about in this chapter?
  • “In this chapter, you’ll read about how people learned, over thousands of years, to farm their own food.”
graphic organizer
Graphic Organizer
  • Who might these characters be?
  • In what kind of book would you find characters like these?
  • What techniques do comic book writers use to make their characters “speak” to the reader?
  • What kind of information do you think these these two characters might have to share?
  • You will use the cartoon characters “Neolithic Nick” and “Neolithic Nel” to create a comic book about what you learn in this lesson
reading for understanding
Reading for Understanding
  • Read sect. 3.2 on p. 26 of your TXT
  • Based on what we just read:
    • What was the time period for the Paleolithic Age? Neolithic?
    • What were the names of some of the key settlements of the Neolithic Age? In what parts of the world were they located?
    • What was the key development that caused so much change in how people lived from the Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic Age?
writing for understanding
Writing for Understanding
  • In pairs, preview Reading Notes 3 on pp. 22-26 of your WKBK
  • Read sect. 3.3 on p. 27 of your TXT
  • In pairs, complete the sentence to summarize the availability of food during the Paleolithic Age
  • Next, fill in the speech bubbles for Neolithic Nel, giving two important facts about the food supply in the Neolithic Age (one is provided for you)
  • Finally, explain why these changes are important
writing for understanding11
Writing for Understanding
  • In pairs, read sects. 3.4 through 3.7 on pp. 28-31 of your TXT
  • In pairs, complete the remainder of the Reading Notes in section 3 of your WKBK (pp. 23-26)
  • Your workbook will be checked for completion (10 pts) before you can move on to the second part of the project.
creating a comic book
Creating a Comic Book
  • Read the Product Descriptor
  • Any Questions
  • Identify the information from your reading notes that you can use either directly or indirectly in your Comic Books
  • Look at the following slides
  • Ask yourself if this comic book page meets the requirements of the assignment
  • Could it be improved upon? How?
creating a comic book17
Creating a Comic Book
  • In pairs, create your comic book
  • This project will be due on: Friday, 10/26
test preview
Test Preview
  • Understand the discoveries that began and ended the Neolithic Age (p. 26)
  • Understand the many ways people benefited from farming (p. 27)
  • Understand how home construction improved the lives of people in Neolithic times (p.28)
  • Understand the reasons why people lived in larger communities during Neolithic times than they did during Paleolithic times (p.29)
  • Describe the differences in peoples’ lives during Neolithic times compared to Paleolithic times (p. 30)
test preview19
Test Preview
  • Describe how trade affected the lives of Neolithic people (p. 31)
  • Describe the results of Neolithic people developing specialized skills (p. 30)
  • Understand what Geographers, Historians, and Archeologists are interested in studying (glossary)
  • Compare and contrast life in Neolithic times with life today. Your answer should include specifics that describe each time period, illustrations, descriptions of what people in Neolithic times and modern times would say or think (whole chapter)
peer wrap around discussion
Peer Wrap-Around/Discussion
  • Review two comic books from different groups
  • What specific things did you find effective in the comic books your read?
  • Tally how many times, and in which order each of the following topics were covered in the comics: food supply, shelter, communities, jobs, and trade
peer wrap around discussion21
Peer Wrap-Around/Discussion
  • Which topics were covered the most?
  • Why do you think these topics were most covered?
  • Do you think these topics represent the most important changes in the lives of people during the Neolithic Age as compared to the Paleolithic Age? Why or why not?