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  1. Portfolio By Jordan Mounce 4/15/13

  2. The Cask Of Amontillado : Song and Art • If there's no one beside youWhen your soul embarksThen I'll follow you into the darkThen I'll follow you into the dark ( section from the song I will follow you into the dark by Death Cab for Cutie)

  3. Reasoning for the song • I used this song, even though its about happiness, because if someone where to look at it they could easily see an evil side of it. The reason I used the section above is because Montresor does lead fortunato into the dark and kills him. This is why I used this song. The song could be better used if seen through Fortunato’s side were he actually follows Montresor into the dark.

  4. Art for Cask of Amontillado

  5. Reasoning for picture • The reason I picked this picture was because of the broken casks as well as broken glasses on the ground. In the story it talks about how Fortunato drinks from the casks on his way to his death and how he throws his glass on the ground. This is also significant because it represents the treasure in which the names represent. Such as Fortunato being fortune and Montresor meaning my treasure.

  6. The lady and the tiger: Song Baby, if I made you mad For something I might have said, Please, lets forget the past, The future looks bright ahead, Don't be cruel to a heart that's true. I don't want no other love, Baby it's just you I'm thinking of.  (versus in don’t be cruel by Elivis Presley)

  7. Reasoning for song I used this song because the man in the ring is hoping that his lover the princess will tell him the right door to open. That’s why I think the line “Don’t Be cruel” is perfect. In my opinion he is hoping that, even though the Princess will lose her love, she will tell him the door with the lady behind it not the on with the tiger.

  8. The Lady and the tiger: Art

  9. Reasoning for the Art I picked this art sculpture because it relates to how everyone now a days wears shoes. If it’s a bad pair of shoes or too tight or something in them its painful for someone to walk. Just like in this story. Either way he is going to hurt. If he goes with the lady he loses the love of his life. He goes with the tiger he dies.

  10. The most Dangerous game: Song • I'm bulletproof, nothing to loseFire away, fire awayRicochet, you take your aimFire away, fire awayYou shoot me down but I won't fallI am titaniumYou shoot me down but I won't fallI am titanium • (Versus from titanium) • The reason that I used this song was because of Rainsford was put through. He gets hunted after swimming to an Island. After all of this he got put into a fight against Zaroff. He is able to get through all of this and stay alive.

  11. The Most Dangerous Game:Art The reason I picked this picture is that, this is what would go through my mind if someone was hunting me. Getting chased down like a monster or an animal. But the real monster is the hunter.

  12. The Lottery: Song The final Countdown By Europe It's the final countdownWe're leaving togetherThe final countdown We'll all miss her soIt's the final countdown (final countdown)Oh, it's the final countdown. (a versus from the song Final countdown)

  13. Reason why I picked this song • I picked this song because it directly relates to the pending doom just like the Lottery were all the towns folk draw to see who gets killed or not. When I hear this song now it reminds me of that girl Tessie from the Lottery knowing that its her time yet trying to fight it off.

  14. The lottery: Art symbol

  15. Reasoning for the Art • I used this picture because it looks like someone who is being dragged down into the ground. Not only that but she/he looks like they are in grave pain. My guess is that it does not feel amazing to get stoned to death. I see the hand to symbolize kind of like her saying “Why me” Also if you look at her right eye it kind of looks like she is crying.

  16. Where are you going? Where have you been?: Song • I am Exhumedjust a little less human and a lot more bitter and cold (Versus from Lip Gloss black) The reason I used this song is because it talks about evil beings. Right when I heard it I knew that it fit Arnold Friend. Every time I hear this song I think of a demon tricking an innocent girl into coming with him.

  17. Where are you going? Where have you been? :Art I used this picture because Arnold Friend is just like a leopard who is ready to pounce on his prey. Ready to strike yet has the patience to wait for his prey to make a mistake.

  18. Orientation: Song I am in miseryThere ain't nobodyWho can comfort meOh yeahWhy won't you answer me?Your silence is slowly killing meGirl you really got me badYou really got me badI'm gonna get you backI'm gonna get you back(versus from Misery by Maroon 5)

  19. Reasoning for song I used this song because of how the people seem at the office. It seems like an out of this world of an office where all the employees are in misery due to having a serial killer in the office. Or even having just weird people around.

  20. Orientation : Art I used this to represent imagination. The reason I think that imagination is important because if you have it your different and everyone in the world is different and that’s what I think this story is trying to tell everyone that its ok to be different.