learning to use a computer
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Learning to Use a Computer 컴프터 배우기

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Learning to Use a Computer 컴프터 배우기 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learning to Use a Computer 컴프터 배우기. How to use a mouse and keyboard 마우스와 키 보드. Agenda. What is a computer 컴프터란 Introducing the Keyboard 키보드설명 Introducing the Mouse 마우스설명 Mouse Tutorials 마우스배우기 Scrolling practice 밀기 배우기 Further study 더 공부. What is a personal computer. Screen 화면

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Presentation Transcript
learning to use a computer

Learningto Use a Computer컴프터 배우기

How to use a mouse and keyboard

마우스와 키 보드

Instructor: Shayna Keces

236-0302, ext. 441

  • What is a computer컴프터란
  • Introducing the Keyboard 키보드설명
  • Introducing the Mouse 마우스설명
  • Mouse Tutorials 마우스배우기
  • Scrolling practice 밀기 배우기
  • Further study 더 공부
what is a personal computer
What is a personal computer
  • Screen 화면
  • box, tower, etc.박스,타워
    • motherboard
    • hard drive
    • floppy drive
    • cdrom
  • keyboard and mouse
  • peripherals
operating system
Operating system 운영체계
  • program used to control computer, link between user and internal working of computer and programs 컴프터 사용자와 컴프터가 대화를 하도록하는것이 프로그람이다
  • Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux

우리는 원도우를 쓰는것을 배운다

  • Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP?

이학교는 2000 을 쓴다.

  • Desktop and icons
  • Task bar
  • Start button
  • Programs




keyboard keys
Keyboard keys 키보드의 모양세
  • Enter
  • Page up, Page down
  • F1-F12
  • Esc
  • Shift key
  • CTL, ALT
  • Arrows
  • Backspace, Delete
  • Any key
Mouse 마우스의 모양세
  • pointing device that moves pointer or cursor
  • point and click (tip of the arrow is the point)
  • left and right buttons
  • start programs - 1 click vs 2 clicks
  • highlight text (click and drag)
  • practice makes perfect
mouse step by step
Mouse, Step by Step
  • Anchor by holding with thumb on left side and last two or three fingers on right side
  • Click lightly with index finger
  • Keep mouse upright with cord away from you and move side to side and up and down
  • Keep mouse on mousepad
pages to practice mouse control
Pages to practice mouse control
  • Mousercise


  • Gopher game


scrolling pages
Scrolling pages
  • Mouse
    • Click on up and down arrows
    • Click on top of and below that darker box without touching the box
    • Click and drag the darker box
  • Keyboard (make sure cursor is on page)
    • Use arrow keys
    • Use page up, page down, home and end
further study books
Further study - Books
  • Stokes, Abby. It’s never too late to love a computer. 004.16 S874
  • Colmer, Rebecca Sharp. The Senior’s guide to easy computing 004.16 C715
  • Russ, Walter. The secret guide to computers : the world's top-rated computer tutorial 004.16 W233 2001
  • Gookin, Dan. PCs for dummies

004.16 G659pc 1998

further study internet sites
Further study – Internet sites
  • Computer training tutorials


  • How to use a computer keyboard http://www.realtyserver.com/help/Keyboard.htm
  • EasyType online typing course, free registration required only available evenings and weekends


  • Typing Pal online also provides a free course at http://www.typingpal.com/Exercises/