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REPORT to RPF. November 2007 TMH1 Revision & Proficiency Testing Mervyn Henderson TMH1 report prepared by Dave Wright. TMH1 Revision - OVERVIEW. Under auspices of MTC Funded by SANRAL, PAWC, Freetrans and SABITA Priorities set by funders PURPOSE

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report to rpf


November 2007

TMH1 Revision & Proficiency Testing

Mervyn Henderson

TMH1 report prepared by Dave Wright

tmh1 revision overview
TMH1 Revision - OVERVIEW
  • Under auspices of MTC
  • Funded by

SANRAL, PAWC, Freetrans and SABITA

  • Priorities set by funders


  • Rewrite TMH1 methods into SANS format, where necessary improving and amending
  • Publish as SANS managed by SABS
  • Legal standing, credibility in Africa and long-term ownership
  • Stand-alone methods – reviewed after first year in use
tmh1 revision overview3
TMH1 Revision - OVERVIEW


  • First Draft circulated as widely as possible throughout industry (also SADIC)
  • Contentious issues reviewed by small working groups
  • Final Draft approved by MTC and submitted to SABS
  • SABS: Tech review, Edit review, TC 61 subcommittee, call for Public Comment & Objections, Final Approval and Publication
pilot stage
  • 11 Methods – In Final Draft

Awaiting 2 normative references

    • Wet grading, Atterberg Limits and Linear Shrinkage (3 LL procedures), Moisture content, Dry grading, ALD (Meas & Comp), Calcs of GM, FM etc, Mod and CBR
    • Been through SABS up to review by TC61 subcommittee
second stage
  • 17 First Drafts sent out for industry comment
    • Aggregates: grading, FI, ACV, 10% FACT, ARD / BRD
    • Concrete: Lab mix specimens, Slump, Dimensions of specimens & compr. strength
    • Checking, handling and maintenance of sieves
    • Stabilization testing including UCS & ITS

Currently being prepared for Final Drafts

second stage6

SABITA funded work

  • 5 Asphalt Methods - First Draft

To be discussed separately in RPF

  • 6 Binder Distributor Tests


    • Being ‘SANS-ified’ by Project team
    • SABITA investigating alternative procedures to annual ‘certification’ of BDs – move away from ‘test centres’ to more accessible form of checking for ‘fit for purpose’ using SANS test methods
nuclear density testing
  • Recent Problems with Nuclear Gauge Density measurements
  • Issues raised in meeting at SANRAL WC in March 2007 – Dave Wright asked to work on as priority in conjunction with Barry Dumas
  • Work attached to TMH1 brief and funded through PAWC contribution
  • Major misconception – not a density meter!
nuclear density testing8
  • Issues requiring attention
    • Calibration of gauges
    • Operator certification including handling


    • Verification – standard blocks
    • Testing procedure – initialization, bedding,

orientation, count time, block checks

    • Interpretation of results
    • Problem materials
nuclear density testing9
  • Calibration investigation
    • Currently under way – prelim results indicateinteresting improvement to calibration
    • Will confirm with more detailedinvestigationover year-end break when a suitableassortment of makes and ages of gauges will be available
    • Will then proceed with validation of gauges and field testing
tmh1 project team
  • Tony Lewis
  • Wim Westra
  • Basie Nothnagel
  • Dave Wright



cell 082 790 6176

phone 021 790 1643

proficiency testing
Proficiency Testing
  • Tender for phase 1 finalised by Wesley Weber in May 2007
    • Phase 1 : establishment of framework for the National Proficiency Testing Services
  • Tender items include
    • Provide a Business Plan for (National Proficiency Assessment Services for Roads) NPASR which includes the functional and administrative structure of the National Proficiency Testing Scheme, based on ISO 43 and ILAC G13:2000
    • Design a Test Method Registry as well as providing a list of National Standard Test methods required for the Proficiency Testing Programme
    • Provide a document for statistical randomised sampling procedures and test item preparation as required by the Proficiency Testing Programme
    • Establish and provide procedures for test item preparation, handling, transporting, storage as well as containers and labelling,etc. (18 items)
proficiency testing12
Proficiency Testing
  • NO TAKERS could be found in private industry
  • Rob Damhuis of SANRAL suggested that we ask the National Laboratory Association to assist
  • NLA has experience with inter laboratory comparison schemes
    • The scheme empowers the laboratory with valuable data to evaluate staff competency and to identify potential deficiencies in the measurement system
  • Rob is arranging a meeting with Steve Sidney of the NLA Board to take the matter further