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Fall 2014

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Fall 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CSE 5194: Orientation Seminar Fall 2014. Leonidas Fegaras Class website: < >. Fall 2014. 1. CSE and the College of Engineering. Fall 2013 -> Fall 2014 Enrollment CoE: 4849 -> 6000 total 3051 -> 3400 undergraduates 1800 -> 2600 graduate

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CSE 5194: Orientation SeminarFall 2014

Leonidas Fegaras

Class website: <>

Fall 2014



CSE and the College of Engineering

  • Fall 2013 -> Fall 2014 Enrollment
    • CoE: 4849 -> 6000 total
      • 3051 -> 3400 undergraduates
      • 1800 -> 2600 graduate
    • CSE: 1067 -> 1546 total
      • 660 -> 878 undergraduates
      • 316 -> 572 Masters
      • 91 -> 96 Doctoral

Fall 2014



CSE Grad Website

  • Where?
  • What?
    • Contacts and Advising Hours
    • MS Guide
    • Various forms
    • Graduation checklists
    • Announcements
    • Course descriptions

Fall 2014



Other Resources

  • Grad School Website – New & Current Students:
    • Graduate Catalog
    • Graduate Calendar
    • Funding Opportunities
    • Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines
    • Grad School Forms and Info
    • Lots of other useful information!
  • E-mail: we will use your UTA account (exclusively) for announcements

Fall 2014




  • Graduate Secretary
    • Camille Costabile (ERB 630)
      • Her office is the one-stop clearinghouse for all things MS
  • Graduate Advisors (ERB 6th Floor)
    • Bahram Khalili
      • General Advising – MS & PhD
      • In charge of S/W Eng. curriculum
    • Ramez Elmasri
      • CSE Associate Chair
      • General Advising – MS & PhD
    • Leonidas Fegaras
      • General Advising - MS

Fall 2014



CSE Degree Options

  • MS CpE (Computer Engineering)
    • Must have Undergraduate degree in Engineering
    • Requires specialization is Systems/Architecture
  • MS CS (Computer Science)
    • Exact same degree program as MS CpE, except Systems/Architecture Specialization is not required
  • MSFWE (Master of Software Engineering)
    • Curriculum pre-dominantly Software Engineering

*MS CS and CpE have Thesis and Non-Thesis options available

Fall 2014




  • Core Courses – These are mandatory courses that all students MUST take.
  • Major (Specialty) Track Courses – Three courses in a subject area including at least one at 6000 level. Areas:
    • AI, Database, Systems and Architecture, Networks, Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia, Information Security, Theory and Algorithms, Bioinformatics.
  • Breadth Courses – Courses outside of your major/specialty track(s)*

*Courses in chosen Major/Specialty Track cannot be used for breadth

Fall 2014



Non-Thesis (Structured) Degree Option: 37 hours

  • Orientation Seminar (5194)
  • 2 core courses: 5311, One of {5306, 5317, or 5301}
  • 3 breadth courses
    • Only two may be in the same specialty area
  • 3 courses in major area 1 (one 6000-level)
  • 3 courses in major area 2 (one 6000-level)
  • 1 Elective (can be in area of Major/ Specialty or outside the Department, with prior approval by advisor)
  • Must complete graduate survey in final semester

Fall 2014



Thesis Degree Option: 31 hours

  • Orientation Seminar (5194)
  • 2 core courses : 5311, One of {5306, 5317, or 5301}
  • 3 courses in Major area (one 6000-level)
  • 2 Breadth courses
    • The two have to be in two different areas
  • 1 Elective (can be in area of Major or outside the Department, with prior approval by advisor)
  • Thesis I (5398) No credit hours
  • Thesis II (5698) Must be taken in graduating semester. 6 credit hours

IMPORTANT NOTE: Thesis I is a pre-requisite for Thesis II and must be taken in a semester before Thesis II. Thesis II must be taken in the semester in which you plan to defend and graduate. Thesis I and II may be repeated as necessary.

Fall 2014



MS Software Engineering: 37 hours

  • Orientation Seminar (5194)
  • 5 Core courses: CSE 5311, 5324, 5325, (includes 5328 and 5329 project, or acceptable substitute)
  • 2 Courses from: CSE 5326, 5320, 6324, 6329
  • 5 Electives, including three from CSE

Fall 2014



Important Notes

  • You can use at most one non-CSE course in your Degree Plan as an elective.
  • Max 2 courses can be transferred from outside UTA (by formal request to GS)
    • Must be from an accredited U.S. university;
    • Grade must be ‘B’ or better
    • Must satisfy a course requirement in your GMAP
    • Must be approved by grad advisor
  • There will be NO waivers for the Core course requirements, even if you completed one in your undergraduate studies

Fall 2014



Important Notes

  • Directed Study (5393) is not allowed under the non-thesis (structured) option.
  • If your GPA falls under 3.0 => academic probation
    • Must have >=3.0 next semester, else withdraw

Fall 2014



Planning YOUR Courses

  • Make sure your Program of Work is complete… it is your responsibility
  • If in doubt, ask questions before you commit yourself to a plan
  • Register early… get the courses you want
  • Plan “Major” sequences for a two - three semester stretch.
  • Thesis students - Do not wait to complete all courses before registering for Thesis I.
  • Several “Topics” classes can be taken, if in subject matter is different
  • It is generally not a good idea to plan to graduate in the summer if you need a “non-standard” or 6000-level course to complete your plan

Fall 2014



Managing YOUR Degree Plan

  • CSE Graduate Students can register in (almost) any course we offer… so BEWARE
    • Only special CSE courses require clearance (Directed/Individual Study, Thesis I, Thesis II, deficiency classes, any web course)
  • YOUR plan is YOUR responsibility
    • Use MyMav Degree Audit capability to view your progress (GMAP)
    • Ask questions of the graduate advisors if in doubt about progress or applicability of a specific course

Fall 2014



Managing YOUR Degree Plan with MyMav

  • MyMav degree audit feature
    • Your degree plan is associated with your id#
      • CS MS Non-Thesis, CS MS Thesis, CpE MS Non-Thesis, CpE MS Thesis, MS Software Engineering
      • Your graduate advisor can change between Thesis and Non-Thesis
    • MyMav uses best-fit algorithm to apply courses taken to your specified degree plan
    • Courses that do not fit will be shown as “not-applied”
    • Certain courses will require advisor action to apply in the correct spot

Fall 2014



Important Dates (e.g., Spring 2015)

  • Current Student enrollment begins: November 3th2014
    • Open enrollment for all current/returning students
  • Regular Enrollment ends: January 19th
    • Late fees apply for course adds after this date
    • Students may add/swap/drop courses until January 19th
  • First day of classes, late registration begins: January 20th
  • Late Registration ends: January 23th
    • Students may not add/swapcourses after this date
  • Census Day: February 4th
    • Official date of record for university enrollment figures/funding/etc
    • Can only withdraw from courses without refund after this date
  • File for graduation: January 27th
    • Refer to checklist for graduating semester

Fall 2014




  • Is it for you?
  • Sequence and Planning
  • Work Expectations
  • Assistantship Obligations - GTAs and GRAs
    • GTAs need english proficiency
  • Switching to and from thesis program
  • Grades

Fall 2014



Curricular Practical Training (CPT)- (Internship)

  • Purpose: enhance your education through work experience
  • F-1 Rules: see
    • Current good academic standing
    • Two semesters of graduate coursework complete
    • Currently enrolled in an appropriate UTA course (hours cannot be used for credit – CSE 5191)
    • Part-time CPT students (20 hours or less) must be enrolled as full-time student (9 credit-hours)
  • CSE Rules
    • CSE 5194 must be completed BEFORE internship
    • 6 graduate-level courses completed (18 credit-hours)
    • Company and specific position/assignment must directly support the student’s degree plan and be approved by CSE graduate advisor.
    • GPA of at least 3.5
    • No CPT in graduating semester

Fall 2014



Curricular Practical Training (CPT)- (Internship)

  • Procedures:
    • Ensure that you meet ALL requirements (OIE and CSE)
    • Obtain an offer letter from your employer
      • Must be on company letterhead signed by company official
      • Must state that it is an internship offer
      • Must specify what the position/work assignment is and how it directly supports your degree plan
      • Must specify dates of employment WITHIN the semester for which the offer is given (see OIE site for date ranges)
      • Must specify whether the offer is for part-time (<= 20 hours/week) or full-time (> 20 hours/week) work
    • Complete the CPT Student application and bring the package to a CSE graduate advisor for approval
    • The advisor will enroll you in cse5191

Fall 2014



Optional Practical Training (OPT)

  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) is employment authorization in field of study granted by OIE
  • It is available to F-1 students in good academic standing who have been enrolled full-time in their program for at least one academic year
  • Post-Completion OPT
    • Allows you to work in US up to 12 months after the completion of the degree
    • You apply for OPT in the semester you will complete your degree
    • Applications are accepted as early as 90 days before your program completion date but must be received no later than 60 days after the completion date
    • An onetime only 17 month OPT extension is available

Pre-Completion OPT: available in limited circumstances before the completion of your degree

Fall 2014



CSE 5194 Course Requirements

Need to complete:

  • Quiz: “Acknowledging Sources”
    • Designed to test your understanding about how to avoid plagiarism
  • Assignment: Summarize a Research Paper
    • Goals:
      • Let the new students know the CSE Department and Faculty better
      • Get a chance to focus on one professor’s work and expertise
      • The CSE web page has contact information for each CSE professor

Fall 2014



CSE 5194 Web Sites

Two web sites:

  • The official cse5194 class web site:

You will use this web site for selecting a paper and for submitting your paper summary

    • Click on login/status to login
    • Students have already received their password by email
    • You may change your password (optional)
    • Send email to GTA if you want to reset your password
  • The blackboard web site:

You will use this to complete your quiz

Fall 2014



CSE 5194 Quiz

  • Deadline: Friday November 21
  • The quiz has 13 questions designed to test your understanding about how to avoid plagiarism
  • Directions:
    • Study the plagiarism tutorial found at:
    • Take the quiz on the plagiarism tutorial on Blackboard
  • You may take the quiz as many times as you like between now and the quiz due date
  • The highest score of all your attempts will be counted

Fall 2014



CSE 5194 Assignment

  • Summarize a Research Paper:
    • The goal of this assignment is to
      • become familiar with the research work of a CSE professor and
      • motivate you to switch to the thesis degree option by possibly completing a MS thesis under the guidance of this professor
    • The assignment is to
      • find a recent research paper coauthored by a CSE professor
      • read it carefully
      • write a short summary

Fall 2014



CSE 5194 Assignment (cont.)

    • This assignment must be done individually. No copying is permitted. Plagiarism and Collusion at any level will not be tolerated and will result to an F in the course
    • Deadlines:
      • Choose a paper: Deadline: Friday October 03 before midnight
      • Submit your report: Deadline: Friday November 21 before midnight
  • Use the class web site to select a research paper:

Fall 2014



CSE 5194 Assignment (cont.)

  • Choose a Research Paper by 10/03/2014:
    • Students must choose a paper authored/co-authored by a current CSE faculty
  • The published paper:
    • should be authored/co-authored by a current CSE faculty
    • should be from a workshop, conference, or journal published on or after 2005
    • should be at least 8 pages long.
  • No more than three students are allowed to critique the same paper.

Fall 2014



CSE 5194 Assignment (cont.)

  • Write the Report:
    • The final report must:
      • be 3-pages minimum, double-spaced, 11pts font
      • summarize the main ideas/contributions of the paper
      • discuss how it differs from related or previous work on the topic
      • express your opinion on the published work.
    • Make sure that:
      • you put references for anything that you use on your report
      • you cite each and every point or rephrased idea.

Fall 2014



Assignment Completion

  • Students must submit their final report before the deadline (11/21/2014) using the assignment submission web site:

  • We do not accept email or hardcopy submissions

Fall 2014



Contact Info for CSE 5194

  • Instructor: Leonidas Fegaras
  • Email:
  • GTA: Sakthi Kumaran Shanmuganathan
  • Email:
  • Office Hours: Mo & Th 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm
  • Office: ERB 503 (or ERB 514)
  • For questions, email the GTA first and he will compile your questions and discuss them with me
  • To reset your class password, email the GTA

Fall 2014